Are you trying to find out how to bypass the iCloud Activation from your iPhone or Apple device? Mobile phones are now a necessity and there are new features added with every new version that comes out. They haven’t quite reached perfection yet and there have been some flaws in both Androids and iPhones. For the iPhone in particular one of its major flaws was originally designed to be a security feature and protect personal data and to prevent your data from being used if your phone was stolen or lost. The great news is that icloud bypass Activation service for all iPhone models is totally free.


iPhone users have some great benefits on their phones but iCloud Activation isn’t one of them. Together with the ‘Find my iPhone ‘security feature, the Bypass iCloud Activation is a bit cumbersome. Although it is great for storing data, if you forget your password and/or ID of your Apple account, you will lose all of your data that was stored in your phone. This was a huge problem for many iPhone users and many of them were desperately looking for a good solution to Bypass the iCloud Activation for good.

Bypass iCloud Activation Tool

The iCloud has some security features that simply cannot be replaced. Android phones have their own features for keeping data safe but the iCloud Activation is one of a kind. It warns you of any viruses and unwanted programs. iCloud has shown it is good at predicting and preventing apps that might be malicious or that have bad intentions.

Way To Bypass iCloud Activation

To bypass the iCloud activation you need your IMEI number to input once you open and run the iCloud bypasser tool. You will also need a valid email address so that you can get your new pass-code and Apple ID. Your iPhone will now be untraceable with the new log in codes. It will still be registered as a white-listed device with Apple services and you can choose your own pass code.

Begin by unzipping the file on your PC.

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.

Press start and wait for the process to complete – about 5 minutes.

Bypass iCloud Activation For Free

The problem with iCloud is that you can be locked out if you forget your Apple account password and we all do at some point. If you get locked out all your data is gone forever. At best you might have to go to an Apple store and pay a hefty fee to get back your data. With the free tool above all you have to do is to down load and install the Bypass iCloud Activation and permanently get bypassed iCloud from your iPhone.