How to Improve Your Internet Speed at Home

One of the greatest pet peeves for any homeowner would be having slow internet. Bad internet can affect both your work and entertainment needs. It can keep you from being as productive as you can possibly be, which can result in a lot of frustration and a decreased quality of life since a lot of our daily tasks now depend on the internet.

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Fortunately, there are very tangible reasons why your good quality internet may be acting up. Most of these issues can be resolved at home with a few simple tricks, which are described as follows. If the issue isn’t with your hardware or connection type, these tips will help you restore your internet connection to its best quality in no time.

Check For a Hardware Issue

The first thing you need to check whenever there’s an issue with your internet connection is whether or not the hardware is running fine. If the issue is with the devices themselves, then there is nothing you can do to fix the connection before they are replaced. You can do this by calling a helpline and seeing if all the correct lights are turned on, as well as checking if all the wires are connected to the correct ports.

Remove Obstructions

Something that quite often becomes a reason for a poor internet connection is a lot of obstructions around your Wi-Fi device. As much as other connections can interrupt yours, physical obstructions keep the signals from reaching all parts of your home, and they may even seem inadequate to people in the same room as the device.

To avoid this, make sure that the place where your device is connected is an open space. Try to avoid overcrowding that room with furniture and décor, and if you cannot do that, you may want to consider relocating the router.

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Change Your Router Settings

This is something that you can contact customer support for, but the settings of your router play a huge role in the performance of your connection. Tasks like downloading games and streaming can take up a lot of bandwidth, which is why customizing the settings to only allow priority apps access to a larger amount of bandwidth will significantly improve your internet speed. If you work online, you can do this for video calls or meetings, so that these tasks are prioritized.

Disconnect Any Extra Devices

Overcrowding the server is bound to decrease your internet speed. Keep a check on how many devices in your home are connected to the internet, and make sure that any devices that are not actively in use are disconnected. You will certainly see an almost instant improvement in the speed of your internet.


No one wants to have a sub-par internet connection. Good internet is something that every homeowner strives for, which is why it is very important to know what to do when your internet isn’t performing as well as it should. The previously mentioned tips will help you increase your internet speed and make it run like it’s supposed to, all without needing any professional assistance.