Stationary Stuff from Japan That Is a Must-Have

Japanese stationary items are popular for their exceptional design and functionality, so there are a lot of fans from across the globe that buy stuff from Japan no matter which country they are from. They are always in search of premium Japanese stationary products. The following are some of the things that are a must-have from Japan.

It is a marker pen with the “Moist Keep Ink” function and it has a lot of hygroscopic components that soak up dampness in the air. As the moisture changes at that moment, dampness is soaped up and fades away frequently to maintain a suitable condition, so the pen tip can keep on writing without dying. It is very simple to use and color pen that has been based on water.

  • MONO Tough Eraser

Tough eraser is the product by MONO series that is strong against breaking, cracking, and chipping. You can simply browse Japan Wanted to buy things from Japan and shipped all over the world, without any hassles. With the latest combination of fabric and an exclusive shape of the slicked sleeve, it attained strength against breaking. Sleeves that are alternately licked on the front and rear balance the load on the eraser. In addition, the sleeve can be cut at the perforation.

  • Stand Pencil Care With Attached Magnet

It is a stand pen case that can be stuck on a steel surface with a lid with a magnet. The interior of the lid can be utilized as a clip case as well. It can even be utilized by sticking it on a steel surface. This is a promising Japanese product that can even be recommended for teleworking, as well.

  • Fujibushi Mini Letter

It is a small cute letter paper. Mini letter series that lessened the size of the product by Maruai to about forty percent size as it is. It is a small paper letter with abundant of plays. This is one of the products that can be used for a variety of purposes of daily life.

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