How To Search For Outstanding Warrants Online

A warrant is a written document granted by a court of law allowing law enforcement officers to detain a suspect. It’s important to know that an arrest warrant does not constitute a criminal record. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, the police aren’t guaranteed to be actively searching for you.  However, the next time you are stopped for a traffic violation, the officer will definitely notice the warrant on you. As such, you may want to know of any warrants placed.

Here are the different approaches to find out whether you have an outstanding warrant.

 Look Up The Local Records Website For Your County Court Or Sheriff’s Department

When the local sheriff’s office receives an arrest warrant, the database is updated with relevant information. However, this is mostly done in populous counties, while smaller, less staffed departments may struggle to upload in a timely fashion. In some cases, the only way to access these warrants is with another method.

Contact The Federal Court For Your District

The magistrate of a federal courthouse issues the arrest warrant. Whenever there is an arrest warrant, you will find records relating to the said arrest warrant at a court registry. Ask the court clerk to look up the arrest warrant, which is done at a small fee. You may have to wait longer for the details to be delivered. Many courts are understaffed, and some even lack digitized records.

Talk To A Bail Bondsman For An Arrest Warrants Search

The bail bondsman may have access to active arrest warrants. The bail bondsman can look up the arrest warrant, and if there is an active warrant, apply for release on bail.

Hire An Attorney For An Arrest Warrant Search

Hiring an attorney can also help you find out about a warrant. Law offices tend to be well connected, but keep in mind that they are likely to charge a steep price for their services.

Searching An Online Public Records Database

Third-party record keepers tend to be more vigilant in their maintenance of public records. They work very quickly, and with services like SpyFly, updates can be expected daily.

The public records databases only require that you have basic identification information of the person you’re searching for. With the details inputted, results will arrive in seconds.

In addition, their database is secure, and you can rest assured in their confidentiality.

Warrants Online

I suppose we should mention a final drawback to arriving in-person to a courthouse or police department to inquire about an active warrant; your arrest. Say you believe a warrant has been placed upon you. If you go to a  police department about it, and you’re correct, then you will be arrested on the spot.

On the other hand, searching the public records database assures you of an anonymous arrest warrant search. This is the best approach if you are looking for how to search for warrants.

So what should you do when you find an active arrest warrant in your name? Here are some options to consider:

  • Do not try to resist arrest. Law enforcement will catch up to you, and it’s safer to cooperate.
  • Contacting an attorney can be prudent as well, and they can provide you with valuable information regarding the best course of action.

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