One of the most interesting products to appear in the Apple app store in 2015 is InTime, a truly unique “intelligent” alarm clock.  InTime is an innovative take on the humble alarm app, filled with features that make managing time and setting alarms much simpler.

The app includes a range of “smart integrations” to help you arrive on time for important events and deal with changes to traffic flows as you move between locations.  Some of the innovative and useful features included in the app are:

The ability to monitor local traffic flows and create flexible alarm times
One of the problems with a traditional alarm or clock app is that it is not aware of the world around it.  That changes with InTime— it has the ability to set your wake-up and departure alarms automatically based uponlocal traffic, your destination location and your preferred arrival time.


That means if traffic is particularly heavy on a Monday morning, your alarm will notice the increased duration of the journey and adjust alarm times so you arrive on time.  This feature is extremely useful for any kind of important event which you cannot be late for.

The app uses an intelligent countdown feature than helps you prepare for departure.  The departure timer will be adjusted automatically to reflect any changes in traffic conditions that are occurring in real time.

This feature is very useful for people who are traveling to a variety of locations and dealing with unpredictable levels of traffic.  If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant, or sales person, InTime will be particularly useful for helping you get to appointments on time — regardless of location.

Another great benefit of InTime’s traffic monitoring capability is that it will let you sleep in on a low-traffic day!

Morning Routine
InTime is smart enough to understand that many people have a unique routine that occurs during regular journeys.  If you usually stop for a coffee during your journey or you require additional time to find a car park, InTime will become familiar with your routine and add additional time to the length of the journey.  It will create a departure time to suit your daily habits.

In-built GPS System

InTime continues to be useful as you head out the door, with a built-in GPS to help you navigate your way to the destination.  The GPS is pre-filled and ready to use as you step out the door.  The useful feature eliminates the risk of getting lost while traveling to your destination and saves even more of your valuable time.


Calendar Connection
Users can choose an appointment from their calendar and the app will automatically populate wake-up and/or departure times.  People who use the Apple Calendar app will be able to quickly set up flexible and intelligent timers to ensure they will never be late for another appointment.

The UI for the app is very clean, intuitive and simple.  If you are familiar with any kind of iPhone alarm app, you will be up and running with InTime within a few minutes.

The app supports alarms dates in the future, repeating alarms and it uses smart algorithms to reduce battery consumption.  Another great benefit of using InTime is that your location data is kept private and not stored on their servers.

The app also works with Apple Watch, making it simple to quickly glance at your schedule, appointments and appropriate departure times.

Using InTime can reduce the stress of being late for appointments because of traffic and helps users deal with complex or busy schedules.  InTime is a flexile, intuitive andintelligent alarm clock that anyone will find useful!

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