New Year’s Resolutions For Your Mental Health

The new year is upon us.  With the turn of the clock also come the new resolutions for starting the new year on the right foot.

We all make the generic resolutions that revolve around our weight; we’ll eat less and exercise more. There are also career-related vows that we make with ourselves.

However, our mental health is just as important and its high time we prioritize it when making new year’s resolutions as well.

While everyone has their own journey, their own demons to fight and their own struggles, however, there are things that are common to all. These facets play a part in not only improved mental health but the quality of life as well. For some, it can be as basic as finally enlisting the help of a Psychologist in Lahore, for other’s it may be more nuanced.

To help you figure out how to go about your new year’s resolutions, here are some resolutions to inspire you into drafting your own:

Work To Live Not Live To Work

It is good to be goal-oriented, however, it is not healthy to be overly invested in your work. Being a workaholic not only costs you in terms of poor mental and physical health, but it also prevents you from having a good social and family life.

The danger becomes even more pronounced when you have an unhealthy relationship with work; it can be either too much emotional investment into it, or it can also be about lack of boundaries.

Therefore, vow to improve your work-life balance. Give work its due, however, stop over-investing into it. Have time for yourself and your loved ones as well.

Leave Toxic People

So many of us suffer from toxic relationships; friends who are nasty, relatives who are narcissistic, colleagues who are extremely cut-throat. These relationships then take an immense toll on your mental health.

Their negative energy influences you. They spread poison instead of joy and like to control your life.

Hence, it is extremely vital that you quit all such toxic relationships. Many people allow these toxic relationships to linger on because they are afraid of being lonely or are afraid of breaking it off. However, if you do not leave such people, they will continue to make your life miserable.

Make Good Social Contacts

With COVID-19, our social life has greatly suffered. It is especially around the holidays that you become cognizant of lack of an active social life. Even introverts need to have friends.

So, this new year’s, vow to work on your social skills. Try going to places where you are bound to run into like-minded people. Make friends with those with whom you are comfortable with. Have your own social support.

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Love Thyself

We are all taught to love others, however, seldom are we told to love ourselves like we do others. Whether it be appearance, career, or personality traits, we manage to find fault within every and any facet of our being.

This unhealthy relationship with your own self needs to end. Start off the new year by giving yourself, love. Unless you do not know how to love your own self, you cannot love others. Without having sufficient trust in your own abilities, not only will you remain miserable, but vulnerable as well.

Hence, make an effort to love and cherish yourself. Celebrate your wins. Learn from your losses. Take out time for yourself. Do not let people use you. Respect yourself. Start activities that you enjoy. Be unapologetic about yourself and your choices.

Seek Help

You cannot fight all the battles yourself. Sometimes, you need help from people around you. So, do not hesitate to find solace in your family; it is not a sign of weakness.

Moreover, a mental health expert, like a Psychologist in Karachi can also help you deal with your problems as well.