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Exercise DVD sales have been on the climb and its mostly due to lack of time available, as we are living increasingly busier lives these days.

As an online personal trainer, I look at the exercise DVD as a small competitive motivator. I need to find ways to sell my business, and offer a better deal, so to speak, than that workout DVD you just bought. The obvious advantage to having a personal trainer is that one on one coaching, and knowing you are doing proper form. Another advantage you have with a personal trainer is the motivation and the accountability. The DVD does not care if you skip a workout, but having an appointment with a trainer gives you more incentive to stay committed.

So how can we look at online exercise programs vs. that exercise DVD? Again the advantages to having an online trainer is the accountability. With the Joetopia! Fitness plan for example, you will have regular “check ins” on your progress and a short evaluation to make sure everything is going

according to plan. With an exercise DVD, you are responsible for everything and have no one to hold you accountable if you miss a workout or two.

The second advantage to having an online exercise program is the originality and diversity of the workouts. The Joetopia! Online Fitness plan publishes a new workout every week. There are over 120 workout videos and hundreds of other workouts to choose from. The exercise DVD never changes and this can cause you to become bored, and motivation drastically drops and you end up quitting your program early.

Others have reported that using an online fitness site is actually cheaper in the long run too. If you compare online training to an actual one on one trainer, you’re looking at a huge monthly savings. On the other hand, you need to be self motivated for the online training to even work in the first place, and nothing can really replace that personal intervention with your trainer.

I think the demand for online trainers is on the climb as we see more and more people turning to electronics for everything and the time restraints we all deal with on a daily basis, not to mention the interest and increasing awareness to be healthier in general.

It all comes down to one point, exercise and eating healthier is a lifestyle we all need to indulge in more! It’s just a matter of finding what works for you and putting it in motion.

God Bless: Joe Gustafson­ Owner/Operator of Joetopia! Fitness