Get taller after reaching puberty:

Everybody is very much familiar with the fact that puberty and height corresponds to each other, but at the same time, it have been noticed as well that some teenagers get taller even after leaving puberty. The gender, nutrition and the own growth plates of the body helps in the determination of the timings as well as the velocity of the growth, however, because of these complicated interactions, it is really very difficult to make the predictions when the gain in the height happens. This is the reason why people should not be worried much with how to get taller after puberty because it all depends on their own growth plates of the body.

Range of development:

Usually, girls enter puberty around the age of 11; two years before the boys. However, the spurt range of the growth always depends on the pre – pubertal height and also the growth potential. Most of the girls reach to their maximum physical height by the age of 19 and the boys at the age of 21. However, the growth in the height can also take place after the puberty in some of the people depending on their physical condition.

Plate power:

Reaching the sexual maturity that is the end point of puberty among the people doesn’t mean this at all that the body stops growing and the height can’t grow any further. Especially in the males, the growth plates do not close until the age of 21. Boys have got the natural growth plate that stays open approximately for around two years as compared to the girls. This is the reason why a kid who stays around the certain height through the high school can also be seen shooting up in his height a few years later.

Growing glands:

This is one of the most common questions in the minds of most of the people that how to grow taller after 21. They should know that the teenagers having the active pituitary glands are seen experiencing the longer periods of the growth because of the increased production of the growth of their hormones. This production can also delay the closure of the plates of growth. Moreover, people at their teenage may have restricted their calories during puberty as well. That can also be the reason in the delay in their physical growth until they are well beyond their puberty years.