Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction in the United States and Why It’s so Important to Have Drug Disposal Programs

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the United States has gotten worse as the years have gone by and as more and more Americans have become addicted to prescription drugs. The Peoria community and the state of Illinois are in serious trouble with their drug and alcohol abuse and addiction problem. Because of these drug issues, there has been a wide proliferation of prescription drugs in the nation and a lot of leftover drugs get abandoned in this way. Setting up a drug rehabilitation Peoria and having disposal programs available to each citizen is important when it comes to saving peoples lives. When it comes to the severe problem of prescription drug abuse, some examples would be:

Although street drugs are indeed a major problem for those all across the United States, prescription medications are the most commonly abused by far, aside from Marijuana.  This is insane and totally unacceptable for sure as these drugs are supposed to be helpful and beneficial for those who take them and ingest them, but instead they often just end up becoming addictive and deadly in the end.

Recent studies showed a grim and conspiratorial and deadly set of facts and truths about prescription drug use and abuse.  First of all, the production, distribution, and proliferation of prescription drugs into the hands of Americans all across the nation increased by well over three-hundred percent in a short just five year period between the year 2000 and the year 2005.  During that same time though, prescription drug abuse and addiction in the United States increased by more than five fold. This problem needs to be stopped and it needs to be stopped as soon as possible; with a drug rehab in Peoria and all around the different cities of Illinois, the problem can be taken care of and stopped.

From the years between 1999 to 2008, the overdose death rates, the sales and the average substance use disorder treatment admissions in general that were related to prescription pain relievers increased in an exponential and serious way.  For example, the overdose death rate in the year of 2008 was nearly four times that of the initial 1999 rate.  To add to it, the sales of prescription pain relievers in the year of 2010 were in fact four times of those in the year of 1999; and the substance use disorder treatment admission rate in the year of 2009 was a staggering six times the 1999 rate too.

Drug Disposal in Peoria: Why it is so Necessary

Peoria and other places in the greater Chicago area have been suffering greatly in the last few years as a result of prescription drug abuse and addiction.  Because of this, there are a lot of unused prescription drugs that are easily unacceptable in this area.

To try and stop the spread of these substances, Peoria police have worked to set up drug take back programs to effectively get these drugs off of the street and into the disposal bins that they needed to be in.  These methods are the most effective methods for removing a massive amount of prescription drugs from any given area. With efforts like these, it is hoped that the drug problem in this area will go down significantly.  As well as having a substance addiction Peoria center will help the community with their drug addiction. This is very much needed and wanted here because this city could be benefited a lot as this is easily the most problematic substance abuse issues in the area.