Wedding invitations are the first thing that the guests will see and it will be the first impression of your wedding arrangements. Make sure that you are giving out the perfect gesture to your guests. Wording is always important. You can try traditional wording on your wedding card but, you can also use your own. When you are using own wording then make sure that it is polite and giving out a happy message and invitation. Still, there are so many things that need to done for the perfect wedding invitations. Here are the steps that you should follow.

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How to look?

You can always look for the latest and trending invitation designs online and you can also find a vendor online. You will look the wedding card designs and select the perfect one for your wedding. If you have a custom design in your mind than you can also do that. It is better for you to search for them in stores as it will give you a good idea about the wedding cards and you can choose it with more ease. Choosing a vendor online can make your life easier as you can also read the reviews about them. Most of the vendors will send you the samples of wedding cards.

When it comes to design, a little creativity is always welcome. You can search over the internet and can find the traditional way of sending invitations on this happy occasion. In Malay Kad Kahwin is the term used for sending wedding invitations or notifications. Their invitation mostly consist of two cards, one bearing the name of the bride and the other with the name of groom. So, you can try such things too.


Timing is the most important thing in the wedding arrangements. When you are placing the order, keep that in mind that it will take two to three weeks in printing and then you will also need a week or so in sending the invitations to your guests. So, overall, make sure that you have more than six weeks to complete the invitation process. Always keep the spare time on your hand as it will help you in many things.

Don’t forget the list

Make sure that you have included all the guests in the list first. And, make sure that you spell them correct. It is always a good gesture. Make a list first so that you don’t feel the pressure later.