Practical Ways on How to Deep Clean Your Home

Having a clean house is every person’s dream. However, you can find yourself overwhelmed with clutter because of differing circumstances and do not know where to start. Since it is not natural to live in filth, eventually, you will desire to have a clean house. Below are simple steps on how to clean your house.


The bedroom is often the most neglected place because it is not under scrutiny from outsiders. To clean, start by de-cluttering and ensuring dust bunnies have nowhere to hide. Clear and make your bed. Move the dresser and any other heavy furniture you might have and vacuum these spots.

Now that you have completed move over and do a quick wipe on the mirrors and the dresser tops. Please pay special attention to your side tables, especially any charging and side table lamp cables, and clear them up. Lift your side table lamps and clean underneath. Vacuum beaded shades to prevent buildup and follow it up with a damp cloth. For metal shades, a soft, wet cloth will be sufficient.


Slime and scum are some surprises you will encounter in your bathroom. Common problem areas are the tub and the shower. Start by cleaning or replacing your shower caddy. Use a toothbrush for some good old-fashioned scrubbing and clean out your shower head. For mildew and scum, invest in some heavy-duty cleaner.

Move over to the sinks and countertop and ensure you scrub away any dirt and pay attention to the faucets. Do not forget to clean the toilet. Move to the mirrors and light fixtures and depending on the lighting you have, either dust or use a wet cloth.

Front Porch

Since most porches are not screened in, they are more susceptible to environmental elements. Clear the dust, pollen, and any bugs that are sticking at the inside of the roof of your porch. Ensure you clean any light fixtures when dusting the front porch. Clean plastic shades with a dishwashing solution and dust any parchment shades with an eraser to remove marks.


Modern contemporary kitchens have a multitude of equipment including a refrigerator, oven, toaster and microwave. Start clearing out and cleaning the fridge and discard any spoiled food. Afterward, move to the shelves and clear out and clean dirt that might have accumulated.

Move to the oven, microwave, and other small appliances and clean using a mild cleaning agent and warm water. If you have a lampshade in your kitchen, ensure you clear out the grease that might have accumulated. Finally, wipe clean the countertops using warm soapy water and disinfectant.

Unless you live in an extremely dusty area, cleaning the drapes and blinds is not an everyday chore. If you have lampshades in your house, pay special attention to the lamp, sconces, and ceiling lights. When cleaning, focus on the bulb and the base. If you find the cleaning routine too extreme to tackle in one day, break it up and clear every room on its day.