How Soon Do Pregnancy Symptoms Appear?

If you are in doubt (and have a strong feeling) that you might have conceived, you probably might have done so. You probably get the feeling right after you have actually conceived, and the first symptoms can crop up within as little as two weeks of conception. Women usually have the feelings or worry, interest, or expectation, regarding conception, depending on the case the conception happened. But these can be put to test as soon as you develop any of the signs that come up with pregnancy. We will discuss some of these signs, and you could take care about these. We need to make sure that you know that pregnancy symptoms also overlap with the symptoms of upcoming periods, and this can cause unnecessary confusion, and we do suggest you to go to your doctor to get a checkup regarding this, to put the confusion to rest. The first signs that you can diagnose yourself at your home are:

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  1. Prickling or tingling sensation in the breasts: Immediately upon getting pregnant, the body increases the blood flow in the breasts, and you can feel such tingling, especially around the nipples, where the blood vessels are in higher concentration. Notice if your breasts feel tender after a few weeks of suspected conception, and you might feel the first signs of pregnancy there. You might feel some change by the two-week mark, but the tingling becomes more prominent by at least four weeks after conceiving.
  2. Change in color of vulva and vagina (Chadwick’s sign): Due to increased blood flow in the vaginal area, you also see the change in color from pink to deep red (even dark purplish kind). This comes up by the four-week mark as well, and is usually the first sign that women notice, instead of tingling in the breasts.
  3. Changes in vaginal discharges: If you constantly track your menstrual cycles, you might find a change in your vaginal discharge levels at this stage. The discharge increases, but you should not rinse the area, as it would harm the natural bacteria growth in the area. If your vaginal discharge does change in appearance and becomes smelly, do see your doctor as this might be an issue (it will not harm your baby, but you will need treatment. This symptom is called thrush).
  4. Changes in appetite: Many women imagine that they will get cravings as soon as they notice the first signs of pregnancy, but the appetite is the first thing that changes. You will notice a slight metallic taste in your mouth, due to blood pumping at a higher than normal rate in your body, and you will become sensitive to the smell of food or the process of cooking. The hunger increases due to the hormone progesterone, but it could be mistaken for the usual menstrual cycle changes. If you are feeling morning sickness, a loss in appetite could also be a result of it. You might feel allergic to things that you once liked, such as coffee, eggs, etc. You might like things you did not, earlier.
  5. Fatigue: Due to the changes that are happening in your body, you are likely to feel tired. The body is gearing up to support your baby right from the early stages of pregnancy, and you might have mood changes as well.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy In The First Month

These are some of the absolute first signs of being pregnant, but the surest test can come from a home pregnancy test kit, that you can use to make sure whether or not you are pregnant. Besides, visiting your doctor should be on your priority, as that can help you from finding your pregnancy status, to an overall health checkup in case you are actually pregnant.