Aging is inevitable. We all age and our organs lose much of their function as the years go by.  In the case of our skin, our body’s largest organ, that decline can be very visible and skincare products are constantly evolving to counteract the many challenges our skin faces on a daily basis. More and more we hear about the use of peptides as a key ingredient in products that will solve many of our skin’s problems. But how much do we really understand about this powerful skincare ingredient?


What are peptides?

Peptides are active chains of amino acids (“building blocks”) that make up proteins. Proteins are essential to every organism and are involved in every process within our cells. They help regulate bodily functions, reduce inflammation and enhance antioxidant benefits. Once we understand the extensive role proteins play within the body, we can begin to grasp the value of peptides.

Aging skin is a result of a series of complex factors, one of which is an increase the breakdown of proteins. This results in a loss of skin suppleness, firmness, smoothness, even tone and elasticity. Scientists believe that the use of peptides in skin care products may be the answer to addressing these concerns, thereby delaying the signs of aging.

How Peptides Work

Different peptides have different effects. They can improve the look and feel of skin in the following ways:

Purify: Exfoliate, brighten and cleanse skin of impurities.

RelaxMinimize repetitive wrinkle-causing facial contractions.

Nourish: Feed and energize skin with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Stimulate: Promote healthy skin functions.

Hydrate: Perfectly balance and moisturize the skin.

Protect: Maintain a healthy collagenmatrix while strengthening the skin defenses.

Timeslip RG-CELL® New peptide complex contains the following key skin changing peptides:

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38:

The Matrikine-Mimetic Peptide. Evens out skin relief, remodels connective tissue, smoothens wrinkles from the inside, rebuilds the skin particularly on the forehead and on crow’s feet. Offers continued regeneration support-keeping fine lines at bay and firms the skin. Skin feels plumper and more buoyant.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide:

Palmitic acid (fatty acid) and amino acid blend. Stimulates collagen production and encourages the production of intercellular matrix substances such as hyaluronic acids.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7:

Synthetic Peptide (Matrixyl 3000) Combines 2 new peptides, palmitoyl-tripeptide & palmitoyl-oligopeptide. Mimics the appearance of broken down collagen, causing your skin to react by producing more collagen, as well as elastin. May regulate skin cell activity

Hexapeptide 8:

Relaxing peptide (also known as Agriline) relaxes facial muscles reducing expression lines and wrinkles


Activates collagen production and stimulates dermal filling, repair, and renewal mechanisms of the skin. Tetrapeptide-17 is based on skin’s own structures. The ingredient reportedly leads to an increased elasticity, a decreased volume of wrinkles and fine lines as well as a reduction of skin roughness.


Increases tone and elasticity

With other skin nourishing ingredients like AFA Algae and Sodium Hyaluronate, RG-CELL’s Peptide Complex promises to rebuild, repair and strengthen your skin to preserve its youthful resilience.

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