Ear Jackets

Have you been wearing stud earrings and looking for ways to spice up your jewelry game? Now you have creative ways to up your game, especially with a pair of ear jackets. Whether you are into those simplistic designs, a set of colored gemstones, pearls, or diamonds, you can create a splendid display that exudes your exquisite taste and fashion with an ear jacket. The best part is that ear jackets are affordable and versatile, making your quests to transform simple studs into bold jewelry more manageable.

But, What are They?

Does it sound like a foreign language? Keeping up with the fashion world can be overwhelming. You might not be well versed with ear jackets. You’ve perhaps only seen those celebs on the red carpet rocking the pieces and wondered how they pulled off such a look. While not exactly a new thing, ear jackets are a trend taking the fashion world by storm. They are an extra component that you can wear with the existing stud or post. The pieces are designed to wrap around the earrings, delivering an extra sparkle. Available in various designs, sizes, and finishes, you can find a piece that best matches your taste.  Some provide additional design features, others a magnificent halo around your center stone, while you can also find ear jackets that sit below the earlobe.

How Do You Wear the Ear Jacket?

Wearing trendy pieces is not a hassle. If especially, you buy the ear jacket and stud from the same vendor, you shouldn’t have any issues. The versatile pieces can be worn in many ways. If you are looking for straightforward pieces, investing in a set featuring a few ear jackets and a stud is a great starting point. The common option includes a jacket with a hole in the center. This means that your earring will go through. All you have to do is push it through and secure the jacket with the clasps or screw back of the earrings. The jacket will either go on your ear lobe or behind the earring post following its design.

While looking for creative ways to rock ear jackets, the same routine you follow with your earrings works well. This includes considering your outfit, hair (size and color), eyes, skin complexion, and makeup routine. Your imagination is the only limit, especially as you’ll be spoilt as you browse through the extensive designs and styles available. For instance, if you are going for a funky look, you can combine the ear jackets with earrings. For a dramatic look, you can go for a chain jacket and spice it up with some movements, such as creating a hoop design.

The Shopping Part; How Do you Choose the Best Ear Jacket?

Among the top considerations that can help you narrow the options as you shop includes;

Reverie Pear Cluster Ear JacketDesigner Fine Jewelry by Sara Weinstock

The Materials

Your jewelry shopping can easily be focused on the looks, not what’s behind it, yet the material counts. For instance, do you wear earrings or a necklace and get a rash? Allergic reactions aren’t unusual. As such, before you pick an ear jacket, considering its material to ensure you won’t be subjected to an allergic reaction is necessary. The easiest way to avoid such frustrations is sticking to non-reactive metals. Surgical steel, for example, is good compared to nickel. Ensuring that all the parts that’ll contact your skin don’t feature such reactive material should be prioritized, especially if your skin is sensitive.  Ideal ear jacket materials that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction include gold vermeil, sterling silver, and high carat gold.


You know the feeling you get after knocking those high heels off your feet. That could also be the case if you invest in ear jackets that feel like they are yanking your ears off. You probably weigh your earrings before buying them, and the same should be followed when shopping for ear jackets. This is, especially if you are used to lighter pieces or just studs. Apart from feeling different, the ear jackets can be uncomfortable if it is not light-weight.


Apart from making a fashion statement, as you shop, consider how the ear jacket sits. Consider the flat plate, the part that sits alongside the back of the ear lobe. Some design conceals it, meaning that it is not visible from the front. While that might be an appealing feature, don’t discount its effect. While possible to be spotted behind your ear, a thicker plate offers a studier feeling as they distribute the ear jacket weight. A thinner plate will be discreet, but some pieces might not be as steady wince less weight is distributed. While considering the design, weigh how it makes you feel, not just the looks. While shopping, it also helps if you have an idea of the design that best matches your personality. Among the top designs in the market include;

  • Chains and hangers – great for a dramatic look
  • Hoops – light on the ear and stylish
  • Spiky – makes a bold statement as the focal point
  • Pearls – best in expressing your personality
  • Wordplay – casual and playful

Regardless of your taste and style, you’ll find a design that best matches your needs.

The Cost

Among the top advantages propelling ear jacket’s popularity is their affordable nature. You won’t have to break your bank to get the best pieces. This means that you can cost-effectively up your earrings game. Nonetheless, your budget can’t be overlooked. While shopping, you can easily be tempted by irresistible offers. Don’t fall into that pitfall. The cheapest isn’t always the best. You might end with a low-end piece that’ll lose its glow before you get the value of your investment. This is not to mention the possibility of buying an ear jacket that’ll cause an allergic reaction. While considering the cost, weigh the value you’ll get over what you’ll pay. This will ensure that you buy an ear jacket that you’ll cherish for a long time.

As you consider ways to up your accessorizing effort, ear jackets can’t take the backseat. The trendy modern pieces can kick your jewelry game a notch higher without considerable hassles.