If your teeth have become discolored, chipped or cracked, misaligned, or have gaps, then porcelain veneers maybe a solution for you.  There are many pointers why you should consider seeing a dental specialist, and cosmetically correct your teeth with this option.  Here are some reasons this dental procedure will enhance your smile and look.

Enhanced Beautification of your Appearance:

Originally created for actors’ and actresses’ in Hollywood, veneers were perceived to create a more beautiful smile.  By attaching thin medical grade ceramic to the front surfaces of the teeth, which closely resemble a natural dental enamel, your smile will be brighter, and have a more youthful expression.  This is one of the biggest reasons top talent such as Tom Cruise and Demi Moore chose to have this procedure done.

An Ocoee Veneers specialist (dental artist) can adjust the color and shape of the veneer leading this to be an ideal solution, and why so many people choose this method today.


Another reason why so many people select porcelain veneers is the longevity of the veneer.  With proper care and delicate handling, they can last between seven to twenty years.  Regular maintenance is required such as brushing and flossing.  However, since it’s made of porcelain, you need to keep in mind not to use your teeth for things like cracking open a pistachio or using your teeth as a bottle opener.

Gum Friendly:

Porcelain veneers also known as Dental Porcelain are one of the most gum friendly applications.  Since the material is a thin resin composite, once adhered to the natural teeth most gums adjust very well to this material.  However, to be considered a good candidate, your dentist will need to check the overall health of your gums.

Trial Period:

Part of the procedure includes a trial period with provisional teeth.  These teeth can be worn for up to two weeks to see how you’ll like them and if they are a good solution to your orthodontic health.

Stain Resistant:

Once you and your dental professional have selected the correct hue, shade and shape, you can schedule your appointment to have a dental technician who is trained in cosmetic dentistry perform the procedure.  You don’t have to worry about your teeth becoming discolored once the procedure is performed.  Coffee, tea, smoking etc., cannot stain this material, making this one of the best resolutions for making you look younger and healthier.