• Social Media

    Advantages of Social Media

    Social media become important parts of internet world. Everyone can make accounts on social media for interactions to each others; it provides good chances for expressing and shearing their ideas and thoughts in form of videos, pictures. Theses and others factors increase the number of social media from last couple of years. Entry and regular usage of professionals, teachers and others researchers of social media make increase the values of social media, providing of different services to their users are also promoters factors of social media.

    Teachers, business men, researchers and others can use social media for their owns needs and even if you’re using Facebook for business purpose so Facebook will also provides and recommends you same and relevant services, through this ways you can easily use for your good wishes. Social media provides much easiness for human life in every field like educations, business, and social. but the most important are bellow;

    1. Low costs

    If we compare to others media they are taking a lot of money for advertisements and even it’s the main sources of their income, while in social media there is no such policy to take money for advertisements of goods and services from any company.

    1. Unlimited use and access

    It’s the best quality of social media that everyone can uses for their owns interest, it can be educational, business, social and political purpose, providing access to everyone any where regarded less of religions ,cultures and others factors. Small and big business are matters but if use properly so you will get more friends on social and you will get free popularity.

    1. Easy for everyone to use

    There is no need and requires any formal trainings and educations to use social media but you should be impartial and not deviates from social media ethics.

    1. Flexible

    If you post wrong things so you can easily remove unwanted materials from your accounts of Facebook and YouTube and others web sites .While this flexibility are seen in others media like TV, news papers.

    1. Information

    Public mood, public expressions will be calculate with help of social media while it’s imposable on others Medias, if you post any topics people will give you comments from this you can good judge and collects data from public.

    But unfortunately social media web sites like Facebook, YouTube are blocked in different parts of the world but there are many proxies sites who can unblocks Facebook YouTube through theses proxies like Proxy Sites and Facebook Proxy, from which we can unblock all websites of social media any where.

  • Technology

    The Rapid Growth in Web Based Proxies

    If you look on the web users and their interests then you will realize that web users used a proxy site at least once in their online time and now this number is tripled over the last couple of years. Here the question arises that why such huge amount of change occur in a short period of time? Well, the answer is quite simple and that is the technology that is changing rapidly and almost day by day. Here in this entire article I am going to discuss some facts and figures behind the rapid growth in the use of proxy websites on the web.

    The first and the most reasonable option is that many people need web proxies for unblocking restricted social media sites at first step. This is a fact that many schools, offices and other working buildings don’t want their staff/students surfing the web in the time they are supposed to be doing their first activities and hence they apply some filters on school networks and as a result it becomes impossible to view that particular contents blocked by network administrators. As we all know that students often use social sites like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook so network administrators block access to sites that are mentioned above. But this is also a fact that we can find some excellent videos on YouTube by means of which we can solve multiple real life related problems so for this purpose web proxies are the best because they are free to unblock YouTube and also without installation.

    If users access social networking sites via web proxy from their schools/college computers then in this way web proxy will be connect to that particular site using reverse server information where the web proxy becomes host instead of the server of school or college. Another reason by which proxy websites are growing on internet is the security. Many people are aware from the cyber crimes and actually they need solution for this increasing problem.

    For the sake of protection web proxies are the best as these sites can be use to hide your IP address and also helps you to make your location anonymous. Proxy websites like proxypk.com helps users to masks users IP address while there are also use these websites to download movies, music without being tracked by the network administrators. But you can download movies in a limit because many webmasters now set some limits on downloads because it can be expensive for the website owner and administrators.