There are times when corporate photography was all about picturing handshakes and professionals in business attire with a smile on the face to show to the world. Things have changed and many companies have moved to a different path altogether. But, this style of photography can still be seen in some cases. Customers demand professionalism in addition to uniqueness and personality. Since the companies are aware of this situation, they hire event photographers to fulfill this demand of custom photography. These photographers are then directed to portray the company, its employees and their personality in a single frame. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind while capturing corporate photographs.


Headshots are the most common pose, but are the most boring pose too, with evidences in the web and different brochures. It includes a three quarter shot of an individual with heavy backdrop and nothing new to the decades of corporate photography trend. It can be considered as the most uncreative way of corporate photography. Corporate or event photography has moved on and even the most traditional of companies need to match the traditional style with modern inputs. A relaxed and natural pose is far better than the stern faced clichéd looks from the past for any traditional company too.

Team photographs

Team photos also form an integral part of corporate photography and it shows the real company image in a single frame. Use of non-traditional locations and random dress codes are common these days. The traditional ways of standing under the company sign board has now been replaced with the employees clicked at a sporting event together.

Modern inputs is necessary

A corporate photographer must have these modern qualities with him to succeed in today’s world. When a photograph is taken, people tend to make awkward poses and end up making the photograph unnatural. To avoid such things a photographer must make the photography session light hearts and full of fun. Capturing moments at an event is a much better idea than taking out time especially for photography. This will give the employees a chance to look real and natural.

Corporate photography is quite different from event photography and is to be understood well by the photographer beforehand. He must know the difference and must act accordingly. A corporate photograph still has to be traditional in ways but can be added with some modern inputs too.