Any form of art is considered a blessing and cinematography is also one of them. It is the art, job or process of filming movies by recording light or any other electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically or by the means of image sensor. It can also be done chemically by the means of film stocks, which is a light sensitive material. There are famous names associated with the art of cinematography, Tony Miller being one of them.

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Tony Miller as a cinematographer

As a director of photography, Tony was aware of every trick about light. He has been in the business for years and has gained a lot of popularity as a global cinematographer. His knowledge about light and his pedigree is unmatched in the cinematography world. His best work came from behind the lens from where he has captured some of the best motion pictures.

Still images repeated to develop a movie

According to DOP, It is the cinematographer who makes all adjustments with the angles and areas to make a scene look better, but one thing which plays his support are the lens behind which he sits. It is used to repeatedly focus the light emitted or reflected from objects to convert into real images. All this is done on the light sensitive inner surface of a camera. Multiple images are created and stored during a time period of exposure and is stored as a video file for subsequent processing and display. A movie is nothing but the repeated and continuous display of still images. This creates an illusion and portrays it as a live moving scenario in front of our eyes.

Cinematography is not only an indispensable part of the entertainment industry but also plays an important part in the field of science and business. Cinematography has evolved with time. From black and white cinema to colorful cinema, things have changed and so has the technique of cinematography. The skills of cinematography include camera speed, lighting, aspect ratio and framing and special effects combined together.

It is due to the cinematographers and their lens that the films appear the way they do. everything about the art and craft of cinematography and the style of a cinematographer decides the quality of movie developed. The visual style of a movie has a powerful impact on the viewers. It is the visual appearance which creates an image of the scenario shown in the movie.