With the holidays ahead, ideas for teens have become a hot commodity, as teen presents are often the most difficult presents to buy.  Gifts for teenagers are exceptionally challenging because they aren’t simply a matter of buying that hot toy that every kid wants to have.  Guys and girls Christmas gifts at this age are more specific, based on taste and often involve technology.

The following are some of the best 2015 gifts for teenagers to make sure that you’re giving teen presents that are cool, practical and just what they want. These are some of the best ideas for teens that you’ll hear all holiday season:

Simon Swipe – this isn’t the classic game of Simon that you love and remember.  This is an updated version that is designed to use the same concepts in a way that will appeal to the upcoming generation.  It allows for four different play modes, including two-player that allows you to take turns playing.  It involves using right and left taps as well as swiping motions for each of the color patterns on the buttons.  This makes it even more challenging than it ever was before.

Groovy Lab in a Box – these can be purchased either as individual boxes or as a monthly subscription.  The boxes are STEM themed and provide challenges such as building a rocket or a weather station, building a propeller plane, or even creating a musical instrument.  It brings together crafts and science with lots of fun along the way.

Camera Ski Goggles – if your teen is a skier or snowboarder, then this could be the best gift they receive this year.  Charge these goggles through a USG port and let them swoosh down the slopes with a wide-angle lens running just above their eyes for amazing point of view footage.

Mogix portable battery charger – whether your teen will be getting the Camera Ski Goggles, or is just the average adolescent who is continually glued to a smartphone, tablet or both, an external battery charger is a never-fail item among teen presents.  The larger version is 10,400 mAh for up to six iPhone 6 Plus charges, or a couple of tablet charges.  Even the smaller version, at 5,000 mAh will provide two or three charges and will easily fit into any pocket. Running out of battery will never be a problem again.

Remember, getting great gift ideas from the internet will help stir-up the creative “gift giving” juices but really your teen is special and unique. Look at what he or she is into and start making notes for your shopping list with the coolest tech gadgets this year!