This is huge news in the world of medicine, because this membrane keeps out almost all molecules that try to enter the brain. This membrane exists for a good reason too. Without it, any and all drugs, including ones that could kill us, would have full access to our brain.


The downside of the blood-brain barrier is that it disables doctors from delivering medicine into the brain. The membrane keeps out almost all molecules that try to pass it. Doctors have come up with a large number of medicines in the past that ended up being ineffective because of the barrier. Now, since the blood-barrier has been breached, doctors will be able to administer medicine directly into the brain very efficiently.

In this landmark experiment, doctors used ultrasonic waves to temporarily open up a small spot in the membrane. They then were successfully able to administer chemotherapy drugs directly into the brain. Procedures like this could have huge implications for ailments like brain cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

This experiment could be the biggest advancement in medicine of this century. The implications are huge. All types of brain disorders and diseases could potentially benefit from this finding. More experiments are being planned to make sure this procedure can be replicated in other patients. Hopefully this wasn’t just a fluke or a one time success, but that sometimes happens in medicine.

It will still probably be a few years until this type of procedure is available to the general public, however. Scientists will need to do a large number of experiments to make absolutely sure that using ultrasound is not harmful to the brain. Causing permanent brain damage while administering brain drugs would not be very beneficial in the long run.

This experiment was performed by doctors at Sunny brook Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.