With the rapid growing tech in Dubai Web design industry, we have seen that the products become more and more multifaceted, as well as increase appearing number of start-ups. As a person involved in the similar industry, it is very important to identify what each role really does, in order to make the professionals have a better grasp of what their peers actually do, since in the recent years, we have seen lots of new job openings that led to generate a quite confusion in the designing industry.

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The reason behind this is that most of the Dubai web designers started to make specialization on different kinds of niches, while the product features became much more complex that led to the necessity of having a whole “army” tackle them. This brings to identify and separate the current roles in the Dubai Web design industry in order to make it much easier to understand.

  • UX Designers

UX designers or the user experience designers are the brains behind the designs based on the users’ needs, and have a complete understanding of the ways how users think. They create the products’ logic through website flows, wire-frames, while thinking about the interaction of users with the product as well as their interaction with the website. The Dubai web designer conduct testing and research and will use the gathered data in order to come up with much better solutions to make like much easier.

The term ‘user experience’ is mostly used in the industries which require physical products and that require the UX Dubai Web design to have the knowledge about how the people will be able to interact with the products/objects, user habits, psychology and so on.

  • UI Designers

UI designers or the user interface designers are the people that make a product visually appealing to the users. It is very important for the UI designers to have different approaches on design styles while creating custom icons, which is a great asset along with typography knowledge, since it plays a very important role in overall experience of the user.

UI designers can also work for games, real-world interfaces used for products such as LCD refrigerators, Dubai Web design, car dashboards, smart TV, smart remote controls, and anything that has a display interface in physical space.

  • Visual Designers

Visual designers are basically UI designers. The only difference between them is that usually when people say user interface designers they have psychical product. On the other hand, visual designers refer to the products that are digital, which covers, application widgets, desktop apps, mobile apps, and web apps. They’re basically web designers that have wide knowledge in multiple styles in web designing while following the UX designers’ guidelines.

  • Product Designers

Product designers, in its purest form are UX, UI and Visual designers who can tackle the UX, UI and visual design aspects of the product, including the Dubai Web design. The main benefit of being a product designer is that is involved an ability of applying the visual elements in order to improve the elements perception.


The designing industry has evolved numerous times in the past recent years, and it is quite difficult to identify what specific design roles can actually do. Hopefully by having this article read, you will have a better understanding of the different designing roles in the industry.