We all love basketball, and everybody at one point of his life or another, wants to go pro with it. It doesn’t matter if we’re short or tall. Basketball is played by the man who can jump to be specific. If you are athletic, and you can run and dodge, dribbling the ball is not the problem for you and certainly the shoot is easy enough for you and even if the pressure certainly doesn’t get to you, you need the jump. The higher you jump, the better chances of the ball getting into the basket, and the lesser chances for your opponents to catch you or throw the ball of you mid-air. The problem for us players is that we don’t know how to make our jumps higher. We can try different gimmicks and programs that can be of some assistance and for some lucky people, even helpful, but for most of us, vertical jumping might be harder to improve. This is where you need to know that there is a solution. We can make our jumps higher with a product that will be mentioned later but first, let us know a little feedback of a professional player Adam Folker.


He wasn’t the brightest kid in his school, and wasn’t the cool kid that always got picked first for the team either and was, believe it or not, the only guy in the team who couldn’t touch the backboard. What he used to massively improve his skills as a jumper was use VertShock. He has been successful in adding almost 32 inches to his jumps by using these Vert Shock Secrets. It is the fundamental truth that even the most gifted of us, the most genetically unique, most talented players amongst us can’t reach his full potential without the proper training program. And this is where the Vert Shock Review program comes in.

If you are tired of paying coaches, and different clubs and programs that promise improvement but you still don’t see yourself becoming the star you know you can be, then just quit wasting your money on stupid programs that will not only not improve anything but cause serious injuries and problems like patellar tendonitis. Use the Vert Shock training program that will guarantee higher jumping in not months or years, but in days and weeks. Ethan Voss, a high school player agreed with it and later found out that his vertical jumping skills had improved so much that he was jumping 14 inches higher than his average.

Vert Shock training program doesn’t only guarantee higher jumping, it also is better when it comes to your precious time and your health. Like we already explained before, the programs that other people and sites offer want you to go through extreme measures that end up getting you all worked out and still nowhere near your aim. What you get by using them is a year or more wasted, and if you are lucky, you might gain a couple of inches in your vertical jump with the addition of massive injuries and muscle problems that are sure to get you worried in the not so distant future.

You will not have to spend much money on anything, you won’t even have to buy any expensive machinery or super expensive medication to boost things up. All you have to do is buy the CD that is provided by spending no more than just $67, which is the new price cut back from $134. And if you think this is a scam and because they know how tired you are of all those coming your way when all you want to do is be the best you can be, they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

Let’s get right down to it. What will Vert Shock do and how long will it take for you to become the highest jumper in the team? They have split Vert Shock into 3 phases:

Pre-Shock Phase:

Think of this as the trial run for you to see and your body to know that this will work. It will last for seven days and you will see for yourself, jump 3-5 inches higher than your usual jump. This Pre Shock phase will get your body ready for what is yet to come.

Shock Phase:

Now you have entered the Shock Phase, which will be 6 weeks long, and is the main part of the program. We all are motivated people and will know the importance of not quitting it. And it is obvious that once we see ourselves improving, we would want to get better and higher. In this phase, your nervous system is shocked into leaping higher than everyone you ever knew ever thought possible.

Post-Shock Phase:

As the name shows, this is the final touches that your body will get along with your mind that everything you have learned in the Vert Shock program will smoothly be stored in your muscle memory and you will not have to work this hard again.

After 8 weeks of Vert Shock, after going through all the three phases mentioned above, after following this program you will certainly have gained 9-15 inches in your vertical jump.

After all the hard work you have done, all the painful training you have gone through, the tough moments of missing the dunks just because you couldn’t jump high enough, all that will finally pay off, and you will be able to finally show everyone around you that ever doubted you, and to the people who believed in you that you are finally the best you can be. Just imagining that gives you the goose bumps, doesn’t it? Then don’t wait any longer. Order your very own Vert Shock training program CD and get started right away because time is of the essence. You will need to work hard, but not as hard as other programs. If you have credibility issues which you are bound to have, and we all have tried several different workouts, try looking up Adam Folker on youtube and you will realize they are credible.