Many American pop music lovers are hearing more about an amazing music trend sweeping through the nation. Once you hear Kpop, you will become instantly addicted to it. There are so many super hits to listen to and talented boy and girl groups emerge every day, so there is never a shortage of super-charged pop music to listen to with which to sweeten your day.

What Is Kpop?

For anyone new to the term, it is an abbreviation for Korean popular music. One of the leading acts to open American ears to Kpop was PSY with his hit “Gangnam Style.” As soon as he was noticed by Madonna, PSY and his music became instant crossover hits from South Korea all the way to the USA.

Where Do I Start?

There are so many enjoyable acts and hits that you can choose any Kpop song from any artist and give it one listen and learn why this music is becoming more than just a trend, but an obsession. South Korean fans are extremely devoted to their favorite stars and have no problem letting the rest of the world in on their passion.

To dive into the Kpop experience, you want to find a good online source where you can watch the latest music videos and of course download the latest songs. If you just want to get an idea about what the genre is like you can choose Kpop music stations to listen to online.

Who Are The Hottest Acts?

Everyone has their personal preferences, but some of the most popular groups are the ones whose names are acronyms. 2NE1, an all girl group, has a very large following all over the world.   One of the most popular members of the group, Bom, starred in a popular Korean show called “Roommate.”  The show depicted her living with several other Korean actors and singers and gave insight into the world of a Kpop performer and its demands of rehearsing, touring and performing.

EXO is the boy version of sorts to 2NE1. Also a large group, the 12 members have made so many hits, there is always something to listen to to get your day in action. ShinEE and  Girls’ Generation are also among the top big boy and girl groups to look for when searching for music to dance to.

If you want to go way back to when the Kpop phenomenon began, you want to listen to Sun Hee Lee, who is thought to be the best singer in all of Korea. Her debut in 1984 with the song “To J” was so popular her fans named her the National Diva. As she enters her 50s she is revered more than ever and has a recent album of songs out.

Kpop is making waves all around the world and you want to get in on it. Pick some videos, download some songs and listen to Kpop online radio to hear for yourself why this musical genre is so popular.