Things To Do When You Are Bored in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V has lots of GTA missions, heists, cars, and objectives in both story mode and GTA online mode, so there’s plenty a player can keep themselves busy before running out of stuff to do

Though at first, it may seem that a player has done everything there is to do in the game, this article will prove that there’s always something new that he/she hasn’t tried yet.

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Custom Playlists

In GTA Online, players can play custom maps with their friends through playlists. Playlists offer different game modes, with the most famous ones being races. Each race has different vehicle classes, and locations and can even have weapons depending on the playlist. If a gamer is not interested in races, playlists can offer other game modes such as the classic Cops Versus Robbers.

Game Mods

The GTA community has made tons of mods for both story and online mode, although the story mode mods tend to be more versatile and safe. Mods allow for better graphics, new vehicles, all kinds of weather. They even give gamers different power-ups, costumes and much more. What’s more is that Rockstar only discourages mods in GTA Online, so players are not doing anything that goes against guidelines.

Bust Myths

This one’s a little less obvious, but you can, even after years since the game’s release, work on solving some myths. There are many that remain unbusted in GTA 5. Players can have endless fun while trying to bust these myths themselves. All they have to do is search famous forums such as Reddit for these myths, and try and find out if they are true or not.

Host A Competition

For this, players will require an online lobby with friends. The concept is simple, a player will have to complete simple tasks to win, such as being the first one to gain a wanted level, or the first one to land a helicopter on the roof of a building, or be the first one to die. Gamers can come up with any challenge they want and can even pool up a reward to have more fun!

Well, now that you know what to do in GTA 5 once you get bored, get yourself some GTA money before you go, these time-killers don’t come cheap!