If you have no idea that what corporate photography is then here is the quick intro. There are two types of corporate photography: event and portrait photography. When you are hired as a professional for some corporate event then you are hired as a corporate photographer. Which means, you should be aware of all the rules and regulations and you should have the required set of skills for corporate photography. In event photography, you will be taking pictures of guests and employees in the events like birthday parties, Christmas parties and sales events. But, to photograph corporate events, you should be prepare for what’s coming.

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Basic tips for corporate photography

Well, the rule is pretty simple. When you are hired as a corporate photographer then you should know that you have responsibilities and you have to responsible on your job. If you do not possess the skill set for indoor events then you should not get in there. You should know how to photograph in low light environment as most of the events take place indoors where you will find very limited ambient light and this what corporate photography is. Let’s take a look on some really basic tips when you covering an event.

  • First thing first, you need to dress up like a professional, like a corporate photographer. You need to blend in with the other people. Dress up accordingly, for men, wearing a suit or tuxedo is the best option and a formal dress for women.
  • Be there before the starting time of the event and scout the best place where you can find the best lighting conditions. It is a must thing otherwise you will be disappointed when you will get the limited lights.
  • Always get the complete schedule of the event. Make sure that you are aware of everything and what is going to happen and when it is going to happen. It will be a good help as you will be prepared before everything. As it is a good practice for corporate photographers, so, master it.
  • When you are covering a corporate event then ask the event organizer to introduce you to the senior management and make sure that you know who to concentrate on and who is running the show.
  • When people are eating, don’t dare to take pictures. They hate it when a photographer take their pictures when they are eating food. Be polite and do not make anyone uncomfortable.