Who does not love pets? They are just adorable and quickly, they can become your best friend. Though, photographing pets can be difficult. When you are taking portraits of a human models, you can give them the instructions so that you can have desired results. But, it is not the case with pets. For getting the quality pictures and amazing poses, you always have to stay on your toes. You never know when you are going to capture the perfect shot. Here are few tips that you can use to get beautiful and adorable pictures of your pets.


As a photographer you should know that the eye of a subject is one of the most important thing. When you are having a photography session with your pet dog, always focus on the eyes as they have light in their eyes. And, capturing the eyes makes the picture sharp and beautiful.

Natural Light

Believe me, pets are not a great fan of flash lights. Always try to use natural light when you are working with pets. They will never give you a perfect picture with the flash on. Pet photographers are usually aware of this situation. They know the difference of using flash and natural light.

Reach to them

We have talked about this, right? That the pets are best friends of humans. If this is the case, then you need to go close. You need to go to them. When you will be close enough to get a perfect shot, you will get some excellent results. You need to get to the level of your pet. Play with them and then you will find a perfect shot.


Character is always important in almost everything. Try to portray their character through their pictures. You know your pet, and you only can describe your pet. So, you need to take a picture that perfectly portray the image of your pet. Brunswick pet photographer also have thoughts like this.


Pets will love the surprise, maybe not in a good way, but, you will get what you want. Leave them for a while, then you have to follow them that where your dog is going and what he is up to. When you finally find something interesting then take a shot and surprise him. You will definitely get a priceless look on the face of your dog/pet. Surprising your pet is one of the best way to get a quality picture.