Brinkmann has been a pioneering manufacturer in the kitchen appliances. There is an element of innovation through the use of advanced technology in the products offered. The most important features of Brinkmann production is the ease and versatility of the usage a person can enjoy. Here we’ll be discussing about preparing gourmet foods in a Brinkmann electric smoker. Though preparing food in any electric smoker is not very much different but still every smoker has its own specialties. And in order to make sure you make the most out of all the features, you should follow the best practices as explained and suggested by the manufacturer and the customers. The experiences shared by the customers can easily be explored via electric smoker reviews. You can see how they have experimented with the appliance and apply the best tips for your own cooking venture.

Bes practices and tips to use the Brinkmann electric smoker

  1. Always make sure that your smoker has been heated according to the required level of heat and is ready to be used for smoking food. It is crucial because you should not place the food in a cold smoker as it would lead you to prolonged cooking time and unevenly cooked food that may not taste as good as it could have if placed in a well heated ready to smoke electric smoker.
  2. In case you need to add extra flavors in your food, you can add the flavors, like fresh fruits, vegetables and sauces or wine in the water pan in a little amount that is enough to to emit the desired taste.
  3. Make sure you brush on some oil or butter on the meat slices or fish and chicken pieces when you are smoking them.
  4. Try to put the wood chip in the lava rock and not directly on the electric element that produces heat as I you do so, it may cause firing up of the wood chips and will severely damage the electrical functioning and the taste of the food.
  5. Though there is not much difference in the heating level in both grills that are used in the Brinkmann smokers. Still, if you need to use both, you can place the meat that requires less heating, on the upper  grill and the one that requires a higher level of heat, you should place it on the lower grill.  In case only one grill will be used the best practice is to use the upper grill level to cook food slowly and smoked perfectly.
  6. Never try to put up or lift up the dome shaped lid of the Brinkmann electric smoker frequently, while it’s smoking. As it will cause the waste of heat and smoke and you will require more time to cook and attain the perfect taste.

Preparing delicious food using the electric smoker is an easy to accomplish task if you have got all aspects in mind. You should never leave the smoker unattended while its working and make sure to set up the smoking and heating essentials perfectly to give you the results exactly how you need.

It is mandatory that you smoke food that has already been marinated  for a few hours or more. This enhances the taste as well as making you able to prepare well cooked food within the timeline. Otherwise the food may take longer time to be cooked and may not be as tender  as it should be. Slow cooking in an electric smoker is the best way to attain excellent taste and texture of the food.