What TrueCare24 is all about?

The TrueCare24 is actually a very effective and meaningful mobile phone app which tends to provide highly personalized healthcare facilities to the individuals at their doorsteps. This app was launched with an aim to deliver efficient and professional emergency healthcare services to the patients. The users can simply connect to the expert doctors and health professionals in U.S either via phone call or online. With a wide range of convenient and user-friendly features to offer, the TrueCare24 app stands out in the crowd.


How to subscribe TrueCare24?

The users can install the app by referring to App Store and get its subscription. The amount of subscription fee is also kept quite reasonable to offer absolute convenient and flexible personalized medical care features. It’s a really cost-effective method for avoiding the expensive Emergency Room and other urgent health care visits.


How to use the TureCare24 app?

This app will provide the users with a 24/7 access to the top clinicians within U.S. The users can connect to the doctors both by phone call or online. The expert doctors or clinicians will arrive at the doorsteps of the patients just within a short time period of 60 minutes. The Urgent Care clinicians can instantly be consulted for dealing the emergency situations simply by subscribing activating TrueCare24. The users can also get professional medical care advice from expert doctors both by chat or e-mail.

What types of medical conditions are covered by the TrueCare24 app?

The app covers a wide range of emergency medical conditions including accidental injuries, minor types of skin conditions, medical screenings both for adults and children, vaccinations and other urgent health conditions. Moreover, the urgent diagnosis, tests and prescription are delivered to the valued patients under the supervision of professional clinicians. The Doctor House Calls feature further enables the patients to get their emergency health problems solved by top most working clinicians.

What are the advantages of getting the TrueCare24 app?

The most important benefit of getting the TrueCare24 app is that the patients can get a chance to personally interact with the expert clinicians without any delay. The individuals can consult the doctors by phone call, by calling them at home or online. They can get all their health related problems solved with quick and prompt responses from best doctors in U.S. The individuals can definitely avoid the occupied emergency units and rooms by referring to this life-saving mobile app.