The most romantic time of the year is upon us and here at Rare HQ we think the best way to spend Valentines together is to do something different… and stay at home! Each year has high expectations and grand gestures, but nothing is more romantic than spending quality time together, just you and the other half, right?! First of all, if it’s nice, spend the day outdoors. Nothing makes a night in better than a lovely day out first. If you can, dress up and break out your best Gucci sunglasses, and generally have a ball. It will make the whole celebration longer and feel more special. For the evening, here is our guide to doing Valentines, indoors…

  • Candles; set that romantic feeling! Candles are key to any successful Valentines night, use a variety and decorate the place from top to bottom. It’ll warm the mood right up!
  • Roses; hello, they’re an essential part of Valentines! And what girl doesn’t want flowers all over the place?! Throw Roses and rose petals all around to help set the romance.
  • Spruce up; you want the wow factor after all. Before he arrives take a long soak in a bubbly tub, do your nails and take the extra effort for all the finishing touches. A girl’s gotta impress right?!
  • Treat yourselves; you’re celebrating after all! Indulge in the most fabulous food you can find, we’re talking champagne, chocolate – the lot! After all, food is the way to a man’s heart…
  • Movies; the best way for you both to relax! Grab a romcom – something lighthearted is perfect. Our fave?! Friends with Benefits, a flirty film… with a little bit of Justin T on the side no?!

But most of all ENJOY! We know Valentines can be overrated and commercial at times, but we think it’s the perfect chance to show someone how much  you appreciate them – we all get a little preoccupied with how busy life can be, but make the extra effort and it’s worth it.

If you’re single, don’t worry, your time will come. But in the meantime, grab your best party dress, call the girls and celebrate being single! Happy Valentines!