There are many users who think that American Netflix and Canadian Netflix are the same things. Unfortunately, they are not. According to the findings and reports the America,Netflix has a wide range to watch as compared to the Canadian Netflix. This can be easily understood by the fact that American Netflixincludes almost 10,000 movies and shows and on the other hand Netflix Canada possesses around 4000 shows and movies. It is true that American Netflix include more than 6000 shows and movies than Canadiannet fix. This is the reason why Canadian wants American Netflix in Canada to get an access to the wide range of American Netflix.


The American net fix has a wide range as compared to Canadian Netflix

There is no denial of the fact that American Netflix has more shows as and it offers the users big range of entertainment. On the other side, Netflix makes partnerships and deals with the media companies and avail the rights of showing their content. Moreover, in the case of Canadian Netflix one has to wait very long to get the deals signed in this respect.

Is using any other way is legal to access American Netflix?

Yes, there is no harm in using in using other ways to access the American Netflix. The most popular method to access the USA Netflix is by installing Blockless account and that is legal for sure. One does not have to worry about while installing a Blockless, it gives an access to almost all the restricted and inaccessible websites. All one has to do in this regard to follow the instructions given by the Blockless.

How to know if you have access to the American Netflix?

If you have signed from the Blockless and still don’t know that whether you are on American Netflix or not, then there is a way you can get to know the truth. Search for the show on it which is not available on the Canadian Netflix like search of “sons of anarchy” if the show is mentioned, that means you have successfully accessed the USA Netflix. If not, that means you have not gained an access.

In addition, if one wants to get back to the Canadian Netflix, he can. All one has to do is the switch of location and little further settings that’s it.