We are living in the world of computers and people prefer to connect to the people via web than with the actual meeting. You might have seen blogs on the internet where hundreds of members are active and take serious part in the discussion. Have you ever thought why it is so? Have you ever thought why joining a Blogging Community is getting so much popular these days? If not then do it now, because it is the next big thing of the future.


Blogging has become an important part of our lives and there are over 150 million blogging communities present today. Joining a blogging community offers a lot of benefits and that is what forces the people to join blogs.

5 Benefits of Joining a Blogging Community:

Community is generally known as the group of people sharing common interest like the group campaigning for the Breast Cancer Awareness. The Blogging Community is also no different where people sharing common interest share stories, posts and comment and chat with each other online. Below is the list of benefits that people achieve by joining the blogging community:

  1. Sense of having a family:

Today people are spending more time on internet than with the family. Blogs have members which are sometimes even closer than the real family as they share common interest and understands you well. The topics discussed in blogs will open up your mind and you can share your feelings openly.

  1. Knowledge sharing:

Nothing is local anymore. If you want the support and get likes or shares on some of your posts, the bloggers will be there for you. Hundreds of bloggers share your stories and make them global within few hours. As a member, you can also ask the admin to share your book or your story on the blog which will open up more discussions.

  1. You have friends:

Whenever you are feeling alone or low, you can turn to the blogging community and share your thoughts with them. Hundreds of members will be reading and comment on your thoughts which will give you a feeling of having friends. If you are having confusion about making some decision, just put a discussion on community.

  1. Get honest comments:

Friends sometimes lie to us to keep our morale high whereas bloggers don’t. The members of blogging community will give you honest comments about your thoughts or making a decision by putting their point of views without any hesitation.

  1. Increase traffic to your blog:

Joining the blogging community have business benefits as well. Once you made some friends in blogs, you can promote your own blog and increase traffic there as well.