The development of technology has forced us all to abandon everything we know about traditional ways of communication, and submerge ourselves into the wonderful thing that is called the internet. People use the internet mostly for communication methods, which is the key component of any successful business.


Communicating with your audience is the way in which you will promote you product or service. If you don’t tell people what they can buy from you, then how else must they know what you are selling? Business owners have implemented the internet for this exact reason as a marketing tool, especially in context of social media.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to drive traffic to their pages as well as their websites. Having said this, it would seem that Instagram is the more popular form of marketing as it provides the best of both worlds. Hashtags are used for advertising purposes, and photos with captions are uploaded in order to appeal to the target audience. With the use of certain filters you can reach you desired effect which will also help in influencing the consumer’s decision.

There is one problem however, and that is the fact that in order for your business to be noticed, you’ll have to gain followers. People are reluctant to follow start-up accounts as they are unsure whether or not the business is trustworthy. Even though it is a safe way of communicating, there will always be gaps in the internet that make room for viruses and spam messages.

It is because of this method that people have started buying Instagram followers. The more followers you have, the more you will gain! It helps in directing traffic to you page, and ultimately to your website.

Unfortunately, there are also those who would like to make a quick buck; some websites might sell you Instagram followers that aren’t real. This might be fine for now, but in the long run, you’re company will be negatively affected. Imagine having 50 000 followers, but only 10 000 of them are real people. Need I say more?

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