So, you have a bad credit score, you are short on money and presume to get more pressure from financial issues in the foreseeable future. At the first sight, it looks like payday loans online in California are the very right option for you to cover these gaps and forget about money troubles in the matter of 1 or 2 days. You wish! If you won’t manage to go through some simple qualification requirements, even this simplest credit solution is out of your league. How can it be an all-purpose then?

First of all, they say if you are under 18, you can’t get a loan here. Unfortunately, it’s true for a 19-year-old teenager, because if the age premises to pass through the control line, the employment may stand in the way. Basically, if you are 19 and have just found the job, you won’t be able to show your steady income for 4-6 months, and you won’t qualify because of the lack of credibility. So just because you have a brand-new badge from your company, it won’t guarantee you access to payday loans online in California.

Another point is more serious: they say you can easily get a loan even though you have a bad credit, but they omit the fact that your bankruptcy will shut the doors of all payday loan lenders, even the most loyal ones (even and other regional sources). Keep in mind, that even the most accessible solution does have its own limits. Add the limits, which your state uses to regulate credit options, and you will clearly see that an all-purpose credit product is actually quite tricky.