The time has come. You are going to be, or you already are a father. It is very important time during your life which starts and never ends. It is not so easy to become a parent, that is for sure. There are so many new responsibilities that are hard to mention. When it comes to make a contribution as a parent, do not hesitate to learn as much as you can before that very impressive period starts. It is just because we are not used to be a role model to someone when we are young. It is rather a fact, that we try to gain some knowledge from our parent or even grandparents. And while we have very responsible adults nearby, it is kind of a best thing for us to come across.


Do you agree with the statement that our kids are constantly watching what we do? I think that it is by no means the truth and cannot be denied at all. And not only they follow our behavior, but they also try to imitate us consciously or unconsciously. Consider a fact, that children of people that are successful in their lives, are most likely to become successful themselves. And on the other hand, the same happens when we cannot make a contribution to the society, we cannot find a satisfactory job or we cannot be good people, regardless of conditions that we encounter. Our children imitate us also regardless of conditions.

The process starts very early. When our kids make first steps, when they start to gain reasoning, they tend to take after their parents. And it always works the same way. We show certain behavior during particular actions. And then, the way we show our emotions, the way we speak with others under certain circumstances is simply coded in the brains of our children. And that is why we sadly can assume to a certain degree, that when a child is born in a family that abuses alcohol or drugs, has not a good commandment of hard work that leads to better life, he or she finally ends up in the same social conditions. This is a sad truth, but it does not have to be this way. The responsibility is ours.

Be the best father. Show the love towards your wife. Let the children see it. Let them participate in important family’s celebrations. The have to see how they should behave when meeting new people. Teach them to say hello to the friends and relatives. Teach them how they should behave when meeting neighbors. It all depends on you, as a father. Be a good father, let your children be good parents afterwards.

Try to recall some memories from your own childhood. Find out what your own parents did wrong, what they did right. Then you are able to use this knowledge while bringing up your own children. Everyone can have worse days. But remember to apologize to your kids after messing up. It is more important than you can imagine.

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