We provide a Mercedes taxis throughout the country from 1 to 15 people can be paid on site

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Taxi Ben-Gurion Airport:

Israeli’s favorite hobbies is obviously going abroad. In most cases, in order to realize this hobby have to take a taxi to Ben Gurion Airport. From personal experience much more worthwhile to take a taxi to Ben Gurion Airport because if we come to the airport in our car will cost us a lot of money to keep the long-term car parking

You can of course also arrive by train instead of an airport taxi. There is a train could be considered delayed on the way, so my tip is to take the train so you have 6-8 hours before takeoff at the airport. At best, there will be no delays on the train you can enjoy with Ruthie what DUTY  J

My preferred way is to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport by a relative who could take me and all my belongings at Ben Gurion Airport. It is usually free, but take into account that relative or friend would want you to do the same for him when necessary. Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport with a relative or friend can be a cheap solution but this is not always convenient to connect to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport. For example, if it’s the middle of the week so the guys have to take time off from work and probably withstand quite a bit of time in traffic

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