• 8 Crazy Facts No One Tells You About Taxis and their Drivers

    8 Crazy Facts No One Tells You About Taxis and their Drivers

    Some of these facts might still catch you off guard, no matter how many rides you’ve taken in a taxi,

    While they remain a mainstay for most major cities, the taxi business is not what it once was. The rise of ride-share services like Uber has cut into their profits, with people preferring that service over a classic cab. Also, the current pandemic has meant fewer people travelling around with cab services seeing a stunning 81% drop. Yet, they continue to be one of the most convenient ways for people to get around a city fast, and many drivers are still trying to make do.

    Cab drivers have to put up with many hassles from troublesome customers to city traffic to various dangers other occupations don’t have. They also have to maintain a good automobile being used nearly non-stop while there are various tricks some customers aren’t aware of. Here are ten unique facts about cabs and the industry that many will not be aware of to highlight there is more to the business than meets the eye.

    They Don’t Actually Step On It

    Cab drivers have to suffer with a lot of misconceptions thanks to movies and TV shows. One of the biggest is a customer offering a major tip to get them someplace in a hurry. But a driver is smart enough to turn down the offered payday because they still have to obey the same traffic laws as anyone else.

    In fact, the fine for a cab driver speeding or driving reckless can be worse due to their passengers. That can cost them their job or license, so drivers are not inclined to “step on it” no matter how much their customer may want them to.

    Cabs Are a Germ Hotbed

    The cab industry has taken a hit during the pandemic, with less people in cities needing rides. Not helping is that a cab can be one of the biggest hotbeds for germs imaginable, even in the best of times. It only makes sense a car that sees dozens (if not hundreds) of passengers in a day will end up becoming dirty or carrying bacteria.

    Regardless of how well it’s cleaned out, some of that is likely to remain, along with items customers leave behind. While ride-share rides can be worse, cabs are not the cleanest ride around.

    They’re Wired for Alarms

    Cab drivers have learned the hard way they can be a target for danger. It can range from an upset customer carrying on to open robbery attempts. It’s why many cabbies are embracing technology with some cabs fitted with hidden cameras just in case the customer is up to something underhand.

    There’s also been the push for “Panic buttons” that can send an SOS to the dispatch office and the police if something goes wrong. If nothing else, the idea they can be caught in an illegal act can deter a nasty customer.

    It’s A Male-Dominated Field

    It may appear sexist, especially in today’s world, but the blunt truth is that cab drivers remain one of the most male-dominated industries out there. Just 24 percent of global taxi drivers are women, with New York City having a miserable 1%. It’s at 2% in England while Israel and Russia can have 4%.

    It seems many women aren’t as inclined to put up with the hassles or the dangers of the job, while some companies feel customers are more inclined to a male driver. While that may change in the future, for now, women cab drivers are scarce.

    Drivers Need Endorsements

    Usually, “Driver endorsements” are for race drivers. But taxi Hull drivers need them as well. While a service employs few, many are self-employed and have to acquire a special license with an endorsement by the state driving board.

    That’s because passengers’ risks mean cab drivers have to be far more cautious than a typical driver. It’s why there’s a rise in ride-sharing services, those drivers don’t require the special deals cab drivers need.

    The Upkeep Can Be a Nightmare

    As expected, the maintenance has to be huge when a car is in use constantly during both the day and night. Some cabs are privately owned, while others belong to a service that allows them to be driven by different drivers on their shifts. Because the slightest delay means time and money lost, these cabs have to be kept in the constant best shape.

    Even the smallest issue needs to be checked out immediately, with most driver costs going for constant oil changes and double-checking the engine daily. With all the work it gets, a taxi needs almost as much constant checking as a NASCAR racers.

    The Mileage Isn’t as High as You’d Expect

    One would assume a taxi has a stunningly high mileage given it’s driven all over a city every day. However, cabbies are smart to do their best to keep that down, plus the fact that many trips are only a few blocks rather than miles.

    The average cabbie does 180 miles per day in NYC, which adds up to approximately 35-75,000 miles per year. Depending on size , other cities can be much lower. Thus, some city cabbies can still have lower mileage than some cross-country trekking trucks despite all their use.

    It’s One of the Most Dangerous Occupations

    When someone becomes a cab driver, they have to face a lot of dangers. It’s not just the risk of accidents or other matters. It’s also the fact that cab driving is one of the most dangerous occupations around.

    It ranks as the highest murder rate for any job, with almost 18 out of every 100,000 killed for cash. Then there’s the large rate for accidents that can be nearly 20% of drivers. While the numbers have varied, the risk remains for cabbies.

  • 5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Car

    5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Car

    Many factors go into buying your first vehicle. While this is an incredibly exciting venture, it’s also challenging to find a car that works for all your needs and within your budget too. So, if you’re in the market for your first car, then make sure to think before you buy. As you consider your options, keep these five tips in mind to help direct

    1. Your Budget


    The first thing to consider before looking at cars is to make sure to determine a budget. When budgeting, always be sure to stay within your financial means so that you don’t experience excessive stress. Determine exactly how much money is reasonable to send to a car payment each month. Then, look for cars within these means. By following this budget, you set boundaries that will protect your mental health from financial worries all while having a nice vehicle.

    2. Used vs. New


    When it comes to following a budget, there’s one simple and smart car buying solution out there. That solution is to opt for a used car over a new car. There are numerous reasons why you should choose a used car over a brand-new one. Check out these critical tips for buying a used car to fully weigh out if a used car is a good deal for you. One tip is to remember to stick to your original plan. Go in with a price in mind, and don’t be swayed by the car salesman at the dealership.

    If you’re looking for more reasons to choose a used car, then an obvious reason is that the vehicle will cost less. Another consideration is that, as a buyer, you can get the same car you love in an older model for this cheaper rate. Your first car won’t depreciate as quickly either. Let’s face it, if you love a specific brand and model vehicle, a new design or model comes out every year. By opting for last year’s model with a bit more mileage, you might be able to save some big bucks while still sporting the car of your dreams.

    3. Insurance Costs


    Insurance costs are affected by many different factors. It should be noted that car insurance is a necessity for all drivers. As a future policyholder, you need to compare car insurance costs between different insurance companies. This way, by comparing different car insurance quotes and insurance policies, you’ll be able to find the one that’s the best for your needs and budget. As a general rule of thumb, key factors like your age, driving record, credit score, car loan amount, and vehicle type all alter the cost of your insurance. At the end of the day, it’s always a good idea to sit down and compare auto insurers to ensure you’re getting the best rates for your newly insured vehicle.

    4. Loan Rates


    Most first-time car owners can’t afford to pay all cash for their vehicle. This is why most buyers become applicants for a car loan. However, much like car insurance, auto loans differ between lenders too. Plus, these loans are also dependent on the applicant’s financial history. Specific components that contribute to the cost of your car loan’s monthly payment include your credit history, credit score, down payment, loan term, and overall loan amount.

    In fact, the average auto loan interest rate is around 5.61%, but many have interest rates above this marker. To get a lower interest rate from your lender that will save you tons of money in the long run, you must make sure to have an excellent credit score, a decent down payment on your vehicle, and a fairly good credit report. Without these factors on your side, you’ll likely be paying a higher interest rate, which adds up over your loan term.

    5. Your Needs


    You’ll surely get peace of mind when you consider all of these factors like budgeting, opting for a used car, comparing auto insurance policies, and ensuring you get a good loan rate. In combination with these ideas, remember to think about what you need from your first car.

    For example, consider if you need a larger vehicle like a truck or SUV for winter weather or lots of kids. On the other hand, maybe your car is just a tool to get you where you need to go within your town. By thinking about what you need from your new vehicle, you’re able to pinpoint what sort of cars to look for when you’re finally at the dealership. Once you make your decision, you’ll rest easy knowing that you made smart decisions for your new ride.

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    Should I Trust A Positive Or A Negative Review When It Comes To Customer Services?

    We all know that, reviews can be found all over the Internet for pretty much anything. If you’re thinking about purchasing something then, the very first thing you are going to want to do will be to make sure that you are going to be finding a review about something. That way you are going to be completely certain you are going to be purchasing the right product.

    These reviews are not just about the services

    However, when it comes to customer services, can you be completely certain that reviews are the best way for you to go? For example, let’s say that you are looking for a place to purchase spare parts for your BMW and you are finding a review about the place that is positive and a review that is negative. Both reviews are based on the customer services to which one are you going to be choosing?

    Well, the truth is that, when it comes to customer services reviews are not actually going to be modular help. You see, the person is different and every person might require completely different things from customer services. That means that, a negative review that someone might give might actually not be quite what you may have been looking for just because of the fact that, the things that annoyed that person relaxing to know you.

    You can get more information from them

    However, when the negative review is accompanied by poor services in general then this is where you might want to take some time to think about what you’re reading. Just because of the fact that, a cashier was rude that does not mean that, you’re not supposed to go back to that shop. However, if the services were poor and most importantly, in the products you purchased were insufficient as well and that is a very strong reason for you not returned.

    Always make sure that, you will read a review on customer’s services extensively in order for you to understand exactly what the writer is talking about. Don’t just focus on what appears to be the main subject of the review. Try to gain as many information from the reviewers possible. That way, you will be able to trust either a good or a bad review when it comes to customer services, without any doubt.

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    Ben Gurion Airport Taxi Or All-Purpose Communicated Quotation 0522949644

    We provide a Mercedes taxis throughout the country from 1 to 15 people can be paid on site

    Communicate Through The Site Operation Now: 0522949644

    a5728763f0.jpg (844×439)

    Taxi Ben-Gurion Airport:

    Israeli’s favorite hobbies is obviously going abroad. In most cases, in order to realize this hobby have to take a taxi to Ben Gurion Airport. From personal experience much more worthwhile to take a taxi to Ben Gurion Airport because if we come to the airport in our car will cost us a lot of money to keep the long-term car parking

    You can of course also arrive by train instead of an airport taxi. There is a train could be considered delayed on the way, so my tip is to take the train so you have 6-8 hours before takeoff at the airport. At best, there will be no delays on the train you can enjoy with Ruthie what DUTY  J

    My preferred way is to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport by a relative who could take me and all my belongings at Ben Gurion Airport. It is usually free, but take into account that relative or friend would want you to do the same for him when necessary. Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport with a relative or friend can be a cheap solution but this is not always convenient to connect to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport. For example, if it’s the middle of the week so the guys have to take time off from work and probably withstand quite a bit of time in traffic

    For more details מונית זולה

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    A Number of Awesome Cars Expected to Roll Out This Year

    In the industry of automobile, every year can be a fantastic year especially when we have a large number of awesome cars waiting in lines to be released. The year of 2015 is no exception. This year, an array of awesome cars from different car manufacturers are ready to load the market of automotive.

    To some people, especially who has no interest in the world of automobile, most cars tend to appear very identical. For them, the new vehicles will be as boring as the previous models. However, if you just spend AutoVillage.co.uk has a decent selection of used Ford cars to view online little of your time to pay some visit to a number of new-car showrooms, you will find that new vehicles appear very distinctively and offer much better and safer specifications. Upcoming cars mostly come with more expressive designs that look more appealing to our eyes. The new vehicles are commonly equipped with complex powertrain, sophisticated chassis systems, futuristic materials and cool interfaces.

    In the following paragraphs, you shall find a number of awesome cars that will come in the forms of model-year 2015 and the new cars that are expected to arrive by the end of this year.

    Awesome Cars to be Rolled Out in 2015

    It is always exciting to anticipate the introduction awesome vehicles rolled out to the market every year. It is quite obvious that some of them will be priced at the insanely expensive rate. However, some of awesome automobiles still come with more reasonable prices. Last year, we were fascinated by a large number of awesome cars from reputable car manufacturers like Ford, Mercedes and many other renowned brands. This year, it is expected that we will see more sophisticated cars with stunning designs, surprising fuel efficiency and incredible features.

    Ford is a highly reputed car manufacturer that is known to produce new vehicles every year. In the year of 2015, Ford is preparing themselves to roll out the successor of their Ford GT. The new model will be equipped with a V6 engine with a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost. This powerful engine is expected to come up with 600 horsepower. Some rumor has it that this awesome car will take part in the 24 of Hours of Le Mans next year. Up to this day, it is still hard to more details about this new car, make sure that you find more updated info about this car at www.epicsupercars.com

    Another awesome car that will be released this year is the 2015 Acura NSX. This new NSX is the second generation of NSX that will be unveiled at Detroit. After ten years, this new car shall be highly anticipated by the NSX fans and enthusiasts. Chevrolet and Ferrari are believed to release their new products this year. The new Camaro from Chevrolet is expected to come with V6 and V8 engines and Ferrari is about to release their 458 Italia successor.

    There should be more awesome cars to be released in the year of 2015 and epic supercars will not miss the chance to give you quick sneak peeks before they are actually rolled out to the market.

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    Looking For A Used Lexus? Get Great Used Models From Best Car Dealers in Town

    Buying a car is always a big decision. Not just is it something that is going to acquire quite an investment monetary but it is also something that you will hopefully have in your life for many years to come. For these two reasons alone, it would be a great idea to quite a bit of homework while you are trying to pick out the perfect car for you and for your family. In the present financial times I believe one of the best deals is to opt for pre-owned vehicles and the best of these is Lexus. Before you start looking for brand new cards, it is recommended that you look for a used Lexus. While you get one for yourself, you are not just buying a brand but a great quality that comes along with it, so you do not have to be weary at all even when you are opting for a pre-owned car.

    Some people just have this stigma that comes along with the concept of buying a pre-owned vehicle. Sadly, it may get a bad reputation due to all those that sell outside of a car dealership. In such cases, you do not what you are actually purchasing as you have no history on the vehicle and most of the times you have no recourse if the vehicle goes bad quickly.

    The pros of buying a pre-owned Lexus from an authorized dealer are the ‘used’ status does not just take thousands of dollars off the selling price. A used Lexus vehicle bought from a credible Lexus dealer has been given an entire workup by the same mechanics that work on these vehicles day in and day out and they are dedicated to ensuring that the Lexus name keeps it higher reputation as it is. In addition, you should not have any worries while that vehicle is driven off the lot as it comes with the same great warranty that comes with the brand new models. In case anything goes wrong here, then you can always bring the car back and you will have it fixed immediately do that you can get it on the roads right away.

    Buying yourself a car is surely a big deal but it does not have to cost you more than what you have. Simply by getting a used Lexus, you can have the quality of a luxury automobile without taking the food off your table. It will be your dream car that will take you through the next few years of your life, not just looking great, but safely and anxiety free.

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    GPS Vehicle Tracking

    It is indeed great to know that even technologies are in its progress. It has many different uses that can help people to make things easier. From houses, hotels and other company, it gives benefit that makes it useful in any aspect. Numerous of revolutionary creations in the industry of automotive and the large-scale manufacture of affordable vehicles led to a big number of automobiles along the road.

    Regarding to this, with the increasing consumption and production in automobile, the security concerning automobile have also conjointly risen. Aside from quality and cost measures, safety and security of a vehicle are being considered of major importance for its possessor. To be able to have knowledge about the happenings regarding the vehicle, it is a good idea that vehicles must equip with a GPS vehicle tracking system. Vehicle tracking is one of the best that has invented. It is an invaluable tool in monitoring a sole even the whole fleet of vehicles.

    Vehicle tracking is achieved through installed GPS tracking device, which records the location, direction and speed of a particular vehicle. The tracking data acquired will be sent back to the user and will transform it into valuable information thru various reporting tools and mapping software applications. This information can be used by the user to view the movement of the vehicle and its related information.

    Uses of vehicle GPS tracking

    For businesses. A vehicle tracking software  allows the organizations and businesses to track all the types of vehicles. With the latest development in terms of technology, these system is allowing businesses and individuals to monitor their vehicles and drivers and access data. The system’s usage is truly beneficial because it allows companies to save money and avoid accidents. It highlights any specific parts that needs to be tighten.

    For spare services. Some of the private ambulances are using this tracking system to keep tabs at all times on their ambulances. It can be useful in saving lives because it can locate the geographical site of the emergency scene and the ambulance can also be contacted in order to reach the location as soon as possible. Another is police cars, they also benefit in this GPS tracking system because it helps in ensuring the security of all the officers on their force, and also it provides the capacity in deploying available units.

    There are a lot of ways in which company uses GPS vehicle tracking. It can be used in planning of how many devices are possible. It can also monitor the driver’s fuel usage and how quick in sending out the orders. Certain public providers of transport uses technology in improving the effectiveness of the services they had and give the passengers a real-time information.

    Technologies are truly a great help in terms of living and business. They serve as companion in making your work easier and efficient. You will not find it hard to work and do activities because of these technologies. Car tracking is another invention that brings great advantages to many companies. With the development of technology that is constantly being made, and many trades discovering that they need this sort of data, vehicle tracking system will continue playing a major role in many industries’ future.

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    Finding Best Lemousine In Orlando

    We know that if you want to choose the best Orlando limousine rental service then it is the difficult decision for you! Most of the people who have been living in the Orlando city, they have make this complaint that they cannot find the suitable limousine rental service providers whenever any function comes at their end! But here we will let you know that if you have been residing in the Orlando city and you want to book limousine then what you should do, you have to simply write Orlando limo in google search. You will find hundreds of websites but their rates are very high and the services are not good enough This Backstage Limousine can offer you wide range of limousines, best customer service and they can make your trip as much wonderful as you have imagined! They offer premium limousine services at all the reasonable prices. So, if you want to make your trip to the Orlando landmarks of this Disneyworld and Port Canaveral, Florida high school prom then only this limousine service should be opted by you! You can save the best moments and memories of your journies and trips with the help of this Orlando Backstage Limousine rental servicing.

    Why Only Backstage Limousine?

    • They have wide selection of 20+ luxurious vehicles, they have stretch and hummer limousines, they have luxurious vans and party buses.
    • They have well professional office staff that can tell you all the quotes, rates, details of reservation so that you may not face any kind of difficulty. It is this smooth service given by them to you so that you may contact them again and again.
    • They have friendly and professional chauffeurs. They will make you to look around in this Orlando city from different angles.
    • They have well-maintained Vehicles, they are perfect working order. Your journey will become memorable because of the services given by this Orlando limousinerental service provider.
    • They can offer you excellent services at all the reasonable rates and budgets
    • For the wedding, for the prom party, for night out party, for some corporate meeting, for the carinvals and festivals, to see the recreational sites of this Orlando city, Only this http://www.limo321.com/ site can fulfill all your demands
    • Lincoln MKT, Mercedes S550 , White Hummer Limousine, Cadillac Escalade SUV are the main vehicles that have been offered by them.

    Just check out the site, get to know the pricing and detailing about this Orlando limousine rental service providers. From this site, you will be able to know that how you should be making the booking, what are the rates and what kinds and types of vehicles that they offer! Trust on us that this Orlando Backstage Limousine rental service provider will give you the best experience. They are affordable. If any function comes at your end, if any prom party is on its way, if any of the corporate and business meetings are about to come from your side in the Orlando city then make sure that you do pick out this Orlando Backstage Limousine rental service provider.

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    How a Car insurance teams

    Basically brackets for a way a lot of it’ll price to insure a car. costlier vehicles, vehicles that statistically get into additional accidents, repair prices, handiness of components, and vehicles that ar additional probably to be driven by risky drivers tend to be in higher premium insurance brackets. Knowing what type A automobile falls into is very important once choosing a automobile to lower the value of insurance and to stay rates low. Some factors are not possible to require under consideration, like the chance of drivers United Nations agency purchase a vehicle.

    There are more factors that ar a lot of smirk to assess tho’ like the worth of the automobile current, however secure a automobile is in terms of locks and safety mechanisms, what quantity do components price to buy new, will components be purchased new still, and the way a lot of would labor cost? usually with simply slightly of analysis most info are accessible and insurance cluster will safely be calculable at. Failing that or if a second opinion would be appreciated then on-line resources is an excellent facilitate once trying up insurance teams.

    For the insurance business a panel of specialists additional or less undergo this precise method to rate the brackets of cars coming back onto the market. These specialists ar referred to as the Association of British Insurers and that they meet once a month to review analysis on vehicles to see the foremost correct insurance teams to position vehicles in. Most analysis is gathered from the Motor Insurance Repair analysis Centre and most analysis from the Motor Insurance Repair analysis Centre indicates that over 1/2 all prices in insurance claims visit repairing the broken car like BMW car instead of to the medical expenses of the black-and-blue claimants.