Everyone loves vanilla. It is the only fruit that bears orchids. Though, the orchid has hundreds of species. There is a long history for vanilla and its use by wealthy people in beverages and other food items dating back many years. The French started to love it and developed more variations from this fruit. Nowadays, imitation vanilla is cheaply available and the use of vanilla has increased in lot of items like ice creams and baked goods. Some high-end product companies use imitation vanilla and claim to use real vanilla beans in their products. So, check product labels and you can decide mostly from the taste, as pure vanilla products have a much better taste than imitation. The home goods industry and cosmetic industry also uses it as a fragrance for colognes, perfumes, candles, air fresheners and many products. Let us take a look at different variations of vanilla extracts and their use.

Lavender Vanilla Sugar

Lavender vanilla sugar is used in dessert for brunch and high tea. It develops a floral touch to the baked items like muffins, tea and toast. It considered as a flavor that can be used more often in baked goods.

Madagascar Vanilla Beans

(Bourbon Island) Madagascar vanilla beans are expensive and it is difficult to produce the high quality vanilla crops. Though, Madagascar has a wonderful reputation when it comes to vanilla production and they produce a fine quality vanilla bean preferred by chefs and bakers around the world.

Tahitian Pure Vanilla Extract

Tahitian vanilla beans have a sweet flowery nature. And, Tahitian pure vanilla extract possess that sweet flowery nature of the Tahitian vanilla beans. When it comes to fruits like berries and cherries, this extract makes a best pair and it is used widely. Many of the best bakers and chefs use this type of extract when cooking or producing baked goods.

Tahitian Gold Vanilla Beans

Tahitian vanilla beans are actually more expensive than most of the other vanilla beans and used for adding flavors in most of the baked items. Ice-cream producers also use these beans for extracting the flavor due to its delicate and fragrant flowery note.

Vanilla Bean Sugar

Well, this is one of the amazing variations in use of vanilla beans. The vanilla bean sugar is made with hand chopped (Madagascar) bourbon island vanilla beans, intense pure vanilla extract and the finest cane sugar. You can even taste it with the spoon and it has a great taste. It is also used widely as a substitute for extract in the baked goods. It is made with the combination of beans and extract so you can use it in most of the baked items. And, it is stronger than commercial vanilla sugars. You can even use it in cereals, tea, coffee or you can sprinkle it on toast and fruits.