Although most people already have health insurance, there is still a significant percentage of the general population that still shies away from getting it, or even asking about it. Health insurance companies are approached with caution, if not intimidation arising from how their processes and their policies are seemingly complicated; however, this cannot be further from the truth. Insurance can be all it takes for you to avail of the appropriate health care right when you need it, even when you are on a tighter budget.

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What Is A Health Insurance Claim?

Health Insurance Claims are invoices or accounts for specific services related to health care. These bills are filled out by you – health care providers (hospitals, clinics, etc.) can assist you even from this point, but they are the ones who ultimately take your claim and proceed to the affiliated insurance company, where they get the payment for services rendered to you or your beneficiaries. If you’ve seen a CMS 1500 form, then you more or less have an idea of what you need to fill up.

Take note that in some cases, you will still need to pay a certain amount. This is known as co-insurance financing, or, simply, a co-pay. By definition, a co-pay policy involves you covering more immediate expenses, such as prescription drugs and/or a doctor visit, when you avail of the service. Though some may cynically see this as a seedy strategy for companies to weasel out of covering complete services, you actually would still be paying relatively lesser, while the company still covers the remaining bulk of the costs.

Know Your Health Insurance Coverage

Learning about co-pay and some other simple obligations you have as an insured patient helps. You would also be doing yourself a favor if you took the time to know where you’re covered – you do not deserve the stress and frustration that inevitably arises when you see a bill of astronomical proportions, because of a certain form of medical treatment which isn’t covered by your current policy. Also, take time to speak with authorized representatives of your insurance company for any and all questions you have regarding your coverage.

Although the major priority is to avoid the hospital at all costs by staying healthy in general, you wouldn’t be wasting any time if you knew how your health insurance works. It isn’t exactly rocket science; if you don’t have a health insurance policy in place for you yet, there is no need to fear; asking the right questions and proper research should make you less intimidated and more willing to try it, for yourself and for your family.