If you are looking at talking short errands and do not want to go to your garage and start your car only to travel a short distance, then, you can use the self balancing scooter in Dubai, UAE. This is an electrically charged, battery operated scooter that is so light in weight; even your toddlers can operate them and go to school riding them.

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They are mostly charged with lithium batteries. These two wheelsself balance electric scooters have a speed of thirty kilometers per hour. They can take a maximum load of one hundred and twenty kilos. So, even if you are a little over weight, you can easily balance and ride this self balancing scooter. This is a decent amount of speed to have for any battery operated vehicle. This kind of vehicle is the most ideal to commute short distances, within the range of your neighborhood.

Campus vehicles

In Campuses, whether s corporate campus or a university campus, it is very tedious to walk long distances, from one block to the other block when you want to reach a certain place. Also, not everybody brings their vehicles along. The vehicles also create pollution in the clean and green eco friendly environment of a campus when too many people start riding their vehicles to reach short distances within the campus.

The self balancing scooter in Dubai, UAE is one the best transportations adopted by these campuses to make the commute within different blocks, easy and our best advise to shop online these practical scooters would be awok.com. On an average, it would take a minimum of twenty to twenty five minutes to reach other blocks. Sometimes, it takes a longer time to reach a block or an office that is on the other end of the campus. These two wheelsself balance electric scooters provide the best commuting options within the campus for anyone.

No pollution

No diesel or fuel is required to use these self balancing scooters. You can use this vehicle without worrying about the pollution created in the environment. There are also many indicators that this vehicle has, like the beeper that beeps when the battery of this self balancing scooter is running low. Just like your mobile phone gives you indicators, this vehicle too has indicators that will alert you of different conditions. Whether you want to buy groceries or go short distances just to take some fresh breath of air, this self balancing scooter is your ideal commute companion.