When beginning to try on a high performance UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), there are ample choice available in the market. Usually people demand for better performance, affordable price, durability, and strong built and the drone that matches to the requirements mentioned above came out to be the “Latrax Alias”. It not only best suited for beginners but also a better option for those who demand for a robust built and performance. This UAV is manufactured on a one of its kind moulded composite structure blended with high technology built to keep it light weighted and easy to manage. These characteristics also make the latrax alias parts unbreakable, making it the best option for beginners.  The latrax alias review will help the interested users to know more about the gadget.

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Performance and durability

The alias is packed with powerful motors and light weight material making it easy to operate and quick responsive. A novel flight control system has been installed offering six axis stability that does not cause any impact on the overall speed and performance. The system make the alias revert to a controlled flight after any kind of situation the gadget gets to stuck in. beginners can attempt to fly at a fast rate and can try out aerobatic operations in a quick time.

During the flight

This UAV gadget comes with an LED light fixed at the back of the drone that makes it easier to fly the drone in the night mode. Also there are color coded strips of lights that allow the pilot to fly with convenience as it tells the gadget’s exact position during the flight. The gadget packs 3 flying modes i.e. easy, fast, and expert. The fast and easy modes have self-leveling characteristic that help in maintaining the position. The alias is able to exhibit single rolls and flips with help of a button.

Major features

The latrax alias boasts the following major features:

  • A quad rotor thrust
  • Colored LED lights
  • USB charger
  • 4 high output motors
  • High technology molded structure
  • 4 GHz radio technology
  • 650 mAh Li-Po battery
  • 2 piece canopy that comes in two shades
  • Camera attachment
  • LED strip

Final word:

Priced around 140 to 220 pounds, alias latrax is a high performance, unbreakable, and light weight UAV drone making it an ideal preference for beginners who want to practice flying UAVs without having the feat to break the gadget.