Drug and Alcohol

The most prevalent addiction types in Los Angeles are heroin, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine.1 A predicted 8.4% of people aged 12 and older in Los Angeles County are diagnosed with a substance use disorder. A Los Angeles drug rehab helps affected by substance use.

Of the 42,700 people in Los Angeles who were later treated for drug use disorders, 40.3% reported heroin as their primary drug problem. This was followed by methamphetamine (21.6%), alcohol (13.4%), marijuana (13.9%), prescription drugs (6.0%), and cocaine (3.7%).1 The number of primary heroin admissions in Los Angeles progressed by 98% from 2007 to 2016.1

In Los Angeles County, 19% of citizens aged 12 and older report having abused prescription drugs already in their lifetime. An approximated 11.2% of Los Angeles County inhabitants who misuse prescription drugs have encountered an overdose. Between 2017 and 2018, 7,940 individuals in Los Angeles County received treatment for alcohol use dysfunction.

Drug Treatment Programs at Los Angeles drug rehab can assist in treating Xanax addictions, opioid addictions, heroin addictions, and so much more. Our trained medical staff is competent in every step of the recovery process, from the clinical detox to addressing the source of your addiction head-on.

Los Angeles is home to A-list celebrities, fun museums, shopping hotspots, and miles of inviting relaxing beaches. This southern California city is the most crowded in the state. The second-most congested city in the entire U.S. Inhabitants and visitors to Los Angeles are found just minutes away from Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Long Beach have a way to ferociously fun attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Los Angeles is widely known for its moderate climate and boasts a yearly average high temperature of 75 degrees and 57 degrees. The weather is typically warm and dry, though rainfall gives some moisture between October and May. In downtown Los Angeles, the average seasonal rainfall is between 14 and 15 inches.

The Griffith Observatory, Runyon Canyon Park, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Third Street Promenade, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art are among the top attractions in this famous West Coast city. No affair your interests, Los Angeles is obliged to meet your desires as they pertain to the outdoors, shopping, and fun things. You can spend the day at one of the city’s numerous stunning beaches, hike the Griffith Park trail, or hang out in downtown Hollywood to discover your favorite celebrities.

Los Angeles prides itself on having one of the country’s best public transportation networks: subways and shuttles to approximately everywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area. Health-conscious individuals have the option of walking or riding their bikes to nearby destinations. Ride-sharing services are also possible in Los Angeles to accommodate those who want more privacy than public transit networks without driving their vehicles.

Our Los Angeles drug rehab give a range of specific treatments to assist you to recover. We provide group therapy sessions, one-on-one therapy sessions, neurofeedback lessons, life skills, and new therapies like EMDR.