Pure water is the necessity of humans and in the modern world, it is hard to find the pure water. We have polluted this earth in so many ways and we can’t even remember the feel of drinking the natural pure water. So, the only way to make our body internal system pure is by using the water filters. There are so many types of water filters and each one of it has its own effectiveness. When you are buying a water filter for your home or your office. You need to make sure that the product you are purchasing is the best suited product for your needs. Different water filters have different capabilities. Some are good with removing the bacteria and viruses while others have good eyes for toxic metals. Let’s take a look on the effectiveness of different types of water filters.

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Pitcher Filters

Pitcher filters are the most common type of filters. And, the reason for being this much common is that they are inexpensive filters. But, in the long term they can be a very expensive option as their filters cartridges require frequent replacements. Most of the pitcher filters use granulated activated carbon as the filtration medium. These water filters remove the chlorine and hydrogen sulfide to provide you an odorless water.

Countertop Distillers

They are effective water purifiers and provide the complete solution. But, they can take time to distil the water completely. Around 5 hours for one gallon. Plus, they require electricity and during the process they give off some heat. Also, the integrated fans make noise. It has few drawbacks too. But they can be a super good option for you.

Faucet Filters

They are much similar to the pitcher filters and are attached to your kitchen faucet. Faucet filters can provide a better solution than the pitcher filters but they also have some drawbacks. This water filter is an expensive choice, they require maintenance and also they do not remove many contaminants.

Gravity-Fed Drip Filters

These water filters are one of sthe best choice to have. They can remove chlorine, fluoride, VOCs, particulates and pesticides. They use Candle type filters and are available widely. Plus, you can customize them according to your specific filtration needs. They require no electricity and water is filtered when it drips from the upper chamber to the lower chamber. And, it has a slow filtration method and slow filtration methods are best.