Although privacy advocates might not like it, the fact is that all devices that we carry around have incorporated location tracking capacities. Marketing departments have taken a leap forward in using physical location of individuals as criteria in generating the most relevant content from brands. In-store beacons, sophisticated mobile apps, promotional on-the-go offerings, all these are part of regular weaponry in the fight for customer retention. Apart from the commercial aspect, GPS capabilities have also empowered individuals to keep track of loved ones remotely – an advantage that makes all the aforementioned privacy issues all the more acceptable.

But since most devices that we carry around are GPS-enhanced, it would be nice to have a repository of sorts, to allow you to easily monitor more than one device’s location at a time. Whether it’s a family member, a bicycle tracking sensor, your pet’s collar or your customer’s device (albeit with their consent). What makes it difficult to have a method to monitor all these is different capabilities that producers of GPS tracking devices have built inside the system, and these do not allow reporting of activity to be simple and centralised. Plus, the factory software is usually poorly created and does not leave room for many implementations around it. Luckily, a new tool called GPSWOX allows tracking and managing of an unlimited number of objects online in the real time.

In order to achieve this, GPSWOX enables powerful GPS server features including alerts, reports, sensors, and it supports more than 300 trackers and mobile apps, as well as multiple languages. Customer support also is a strong point, with the team behind the service guaranteeing 24/7 worldwide technical support. At the moment, GPSWOX has enrolled more than 10,000 global customers that use it to track about a quarter million units/devices.

Various pricing plans are available, with the free version including basic real-time tracking and mobile version capabilities. Corporate environments can enroll for unlimited device tracking starting at $99 per month, and this plan includes access to information on fuel savings (for vehicles in a company’s fleet), geofencing, accessories and sensors. GPSWOX hopes to get ahead of the pack with the entire array of features it offers. I found it most interesting and valuable that GPSWOX server allows you to streamline the process of creating activity reports. These can be simply exported in various formats and include various information such as driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled or fuel consumption, both in individual and group aggregate forms.

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