There are many agencies that provide voice over talent to advertising and promotional agencies, film and television Production Companies, corporate organizations who make videos, etc. If you are making a film or an ad, then you will need a voice over talent, male or a female to give voice to the story or advertisement. It could be a dialogue or a narrative.

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Corporate videos

Many corporate firms are making promotional videos about their business, services, products, offers, and discounts. For every script, most of the times, a voice over talent is needed to follow through the script wherever needed. It could be a male voice over artist or a female voice over artist or both.

Voice over artist agency

There are agencies that provide voice over artists to film, television, and any such organizations that need dubbing or narration for their videos. The voice, intonation, pronunciation, language, clarity, voice quality, and many other aspects are looked into before hiring a voice over talent. A few agencies also train their artists to deliver the best of works in voice over talent jobs. You will learn to modulate your voice and make it suitable for dubbing of ads, films, etc.


Whether you are comfortable with English, or any other language, these agencies will provide you with all the details. Most of the local agencies will accept voice over talent who know how to speak in local language. You must be able to know the specific dialect of the local language as well. Any language has a variety of dialects that are specific to that region. Even English has a variety of dialects. It sounds different in Scotland, England, U.S, and Australia. As a voice over talent, you must be able to simulate any dialect in a particular language.


Many ads and films are translated in different languages. As a voice over artist, you need to intonate your voice to various expressions. You cannot have a straight tone, as this would sound stoical and expressionless. A voice over artist must be able to express all kinds of emotions in a translation using their voice. You will be given a script and you can also take a brief period of time to practice before going for the final recording.

This is a fun and a well paid job if you have a good voice. You can also train your voice to get a good modulation for any kind of expression.