New investment opportunities from St. Petersburg International Forum 2015

St. Petersburg, multifaceted city with many different flavors, was the stage of an initiative operating since 1997: the St. Petersburg International Forum – SPIEF. The event was created 20 years ago with the aim to bring together political leaders and governors, investors, companies and journalists working in the field of communication at various levels. The Forum is attended every year by thousands of people and it is no coincidence that this is the place were agreements for billions and billions of euros are signed. 2013, in this sense, marked an interesting milestone; 273 were in fact the billions invested in the agreements between the participants.


Data becomes even more remarkable if you think in terms of new business and new opportunities. Such as the entrepreneur Giampolo Lo Conte says, one of the representatives and participants of the Forum, “Europe is no longer the center of the world, now big business develop in Russia and Asia.” And is therefore clear by now, the existence of new investment opportunities, especially in some Asian countries which are beginning to raise their heads in the global market and, of course, in Russia. But above all it is a fundamental interest the fact that these are countries to be mostly interested in “our” businesses”.

To confirm that this statement can no longer be considered a simple suggestion, there is always Giampaolo Lo Conte: “It is not the first time I come to the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. This year, however, there was a focus from Russia for economists of all countries. ”

The same Vladimir Putin addressed the participants, recalling that Russia was “open to your business.” Italy is no exception to these new economic synergies; even the Russian ambassador in Italy Sergey Rasov remembers it: “Suffice it to recall that it was your country to advance the proposal to create the Russia-NATO Council. Rome has always made a significant contribution to the development of the dialogue between Russia and the EU “;. Italy-Russia: a winning economy combination.