For years, people tried to screen print on billiard cloth, but traditional “felt” style cloth is fuzzy and would pill up, creating cracks and uneven surfaces that made screen prints look terrible. Advances in technology have allowed both the development in superior playing pool table fabric and textile printing that produces high resolution imaging instead of screen printing. This combination brings us Artscape custom printed professional grade billiard cloth. Artscape cloth is the best of both worlds.

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The cloth itself is a worsted fabric made from a blend of merino wool and nylon. It is the same cloth that has been used in professional tournaments worldwide, and can often be found on tables in the most discerning of pool rooms.

The printing process is similar to inkjet printing, essentially a digital dye process that creates a crisp image. The cloth is naturally liquid resistant because of its tight weave, but it is further treated with a patented process called “Spillguard”. This process keeps the fibers of the cloth watertight, making liquids bead on the surface for easy clean-up in case of an accidental spill.

For consumers, this means that there is now a product available that can be customized with virtually any image. Many large alcohol companies are using this product to help their brands stand out in the midst of competitive and common marketing efforts. Table tents, banners, neon signs, coasters, and other common advertising methods have become so common that they blend into the environment and leave only passing impressions (if any impression at all). Having a logo that spans 7 to 8 feet not only makes a larger impression, but it also stands outs as unique. Considering that the cloth is of such a high quality, the lifespan creates millions of impressions.

Artscape has also found a home at many clubs and bars. Owners and managers are choosing to place at least one table with their logo on it. The same goes for firehouses across the country, moose lodges, VFW posts, and a host of other locations that are electing to add flair to their pool tables.

Home table owners are also taking advantage of the opportunity to customize their rec rooms and man caves. Patterns ranging from flames to leopard prints, and bikini girls to “beers on ice” are adorning tables all over the world. Since the quality of the product has increased so significantly, home table owners feel confident in making the investment in a product they know will last as long as they have their table.