DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO has been selected to participate as “alpha” to the popular “SURGE Conference” in India, organized by the worldwide known Web Summit organization. The conference aims to present the best startups currently on the world market to facilitate the meeting with venture capitals, seed funds and business angels in order to raise funds for the scalability of the ideas presented. The goal of the fast growing Italian startup is to raise his second round of financing.

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DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO planned to launch in Italy during 2015 and to launch in Europe during 2016. Its innovative web platform, and App both for IOS and Android,  will strongly help real estate agencies in the real-estate Italian market. The tool that could be reductively described as the ” Italian unified real estate showcase” is actually much more. Thanks to proprietary algorithms it is able to fully evaluate a property in any Italian city (the every European city from 2016), characterizing precisely with specific property-indexes that make it immediately understandable to the buyer’s the whole property features and functionalities. Absolutely new and amazing! See more info here: Chief Strategy Officer of DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO  Ing.

Parenti  presented this way: “The great value of our innovative tool is to solve a real problem on the real estate market. Furthermore, it represents an operative tool for the daily activities of every real estate agent in order to improve his or her performance, number of sales and trustability from the client’s point of view. The following benefit of the tool is to create a community among real estate agents that allows them to fully collaborate toward a common success. The community, indeed, engages the agents to share all their properties to sell and their client’s requests to buy, in order to promply match each other and close easily a deal.” See more info here: vendo casa