The problem with most portable speakers is the fact that despite their easy portability, they are liable to get damaged by exposure to different elements such as moisture or dust. This really acts as a big disadvantage for a Bluetooth speaker since a portable speaker usually has to handle exposure of some form. With the JTD Armour Portable Bluetooth Speaker, these problems have been rendered null and void. This sturdy speaker has nullified most of the threats that portable speakers are plagued with in general.

It is useful to note that for a speaker that is relatively small in size, the JTD portable Bluetooth speaker produces a sound that is not only clear but is also surprisingly loud. The bass produced by the speaker is really good and creates the desired musical effect. Portable speakers are often carried to pool sides, showers or other such places where they might be exposed to water. It is therefore good to know that the JTD portable speaker is a waterproof speaker and is completely protected against any sort of water damage that can occur in such places.

Other awesome features

The JTD speaker also scores high in terms of the lack of mess created by dint of it possessing no wires. The speaker is a wireless speaker which operates via Bluetooth thus rendering cables and wires superfluous. This also provides it with a great deal of portability. The JTD speaker supports a wide range of Bluetooth devices and is compatible with most of them. This makes setting up a connection with the speaker a relatively easy task.

In terms of battery life, the JTD speaker can provide as much as ten hours of playback on a charge of two to three hours. This is a great thing to have since a portable wireless speaker with a short battery life is of practically no use. An added advantage is the fact that since the speaker has a USB port, it can be attached to a phone or a similar device for charging. Thus the speaker has the potential of acting as a backup power source for phones.

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The speaker is cased in silicon which provides the properties of being dustproof and shockproof, which are important attributes for a speaker that is meant to be portable. This is also combined with a very good design and an attractive make which further enhances the overall aspect of the speaker. The JTD speaker thus provides all the necessary requirements for a portable speaker along with many bonuses.