The world of online gaming has reached new heights in the modern world. With the development of technologies, latest games are nowhere less than the real world. The graphics, background and music included in the games give them a totally natural like appearance and provide the person playing with a very exciting experience. Wolf Online is one such game which is making rounds currently. It is a gruesome and cruel war game which includes three wolf species that fight against each other. It has been released by 1Games and is one of the cruelest and blood involving games of the present times.


Fight for survival

Wolf Online is literally the hunting ground of the wolves. It involves a very addictive hunting system of the wolves. The game offers extreme realism and is the multiplayer version of the previously introduced poplar series “Life of Wolf”. Wolf Online is believed to be running faster than what Life of Wolf did by experiencing 5 million downloads all around the globe. There have been games which involved wolves and killing of wolves, but Wolf Online is a different ball game altogether. It not only gives you the chance to hunt down animals to survive in the wild, but also challenges you to survive brutal battles against different clans of wolves.

Uniqueness makes it a better game

The battle of different wolf clans is the unique feature which makes this game different from others with the same theme. The battlefield involves three wolf clans, namely the mountain wolves, wild wolves or the snow wolves. In order to survive in the tough battlefield, you will have to kill animals and increase the level of your skills. The battlefield forces you to continuously kill for survival. The game also has various other edges over other games. It includes a special gaming feature in which you are allowed to request help from friends of the same clan when are up against a powerful enemy.

Over a hundred animals to encounter

The game also includes cannibalization feature, which allows you to eat the carcasses of other wild animals, including that of other wolves to replenish your energy level. The game has six different battlefields which are filled with herbivores, such as deer, rabbits, and giraffes. They also include beasts like tigers, rhinos, lions and other wolves. A total of over 100 animals are there which add to the excitement of the game. Some of these are your prey, while the others can prey on you if you give them a chance.

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