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Nowadays, online shopping is becoming increasingly trendy, resulting in fierce competition among merchants in the e-commerce market. At that time, Magento 2 PWA was incredibly turning out to be a perfect weapon for Magento merchants to beat opponents in this competition.

However, one thing that concerns merchants is whether it is really useful to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales revenue. Therefore, this article will give the best overview of Magento 2 Progressive Web App to shed light on the above matter.

What Exactly Magento 2 PWA Is?

First and foremost, PWA stands for Progressive Web App, which can be described as a mix of mobile apps and websites’ features.

It gives the Magento 2 website an app-like interface with many convenient features of a native app. Thus, it brings in the best of both worlds and creates an enjoyable new user experience.

Magento 2 Progressive Web App is a PWA running on Magento 2 e-commerce platform to provide eCommerce features, intermixing with PWA ones. In other words, Magento PWA is a Magento website integrating with PWA technology.

Undoubtedly, Magento 2 PWA is a new cutting-edge technology that is exceedingly preferred by top merchants nowadays.

Why Should We Build Magento 2 PWA?

If attracting more visits and generating higher sales revenues is your top priority, then upgrading your Magento 2 website to a Progressive Web App is necessary.


Development cost

First, compared to the cost of developing a native app, Magento PWA is cheaper. The development cost of a native app typically ranges from at least $10,000 and up to $50,000. Meanwhile, switching to fully – functioned Magento 2 PWA only starts at $1,500.

Maintenance cost

When it comes to maintenance fees, Magento 2 PWA is, without doubt, more reasonable since there is only one source code to update. In comparison, the native apps need more time and associated cost to update since there are at least two versions (for iOS & Android).

In contrast, PWA does not need publishing on any app stores. Hence, it does not require any additional submission fee like native apps ($25 per year for Google Play and $99 for the Apple App store).

Better customers engagement

It is a fact that the higher the customers’ engagement is, the higher the conversion rate. And a high conversion rate is indicative of a successful online store.

Fortunately, Magento 2 Progressive Web App works particularly well on boosting customer satisfaction with the following integrated features:

Add to the home screen

The PWA installation is as easy as pie. All the thing that users need to do is click on the pop-up message when they come to your website.

Then in just a few seconds, it is ready to use. From now on, just one click on the app shortcut on the home screen.

Offline mode

Progressive Web App for Magento 2 allows their customers to browse the products even without an Internet connection as long as the pages have been loaded one time before.

Push notifications

The feature that makes Magento 2 PWA stand out from an original website is push notifications. It works the same as notifications from mobile apps like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.

Hence with Progressive Web App, you are now having complete control over what you want to “push” to users and when you want to do it. In turn, it also helps enrich customers’ re-engagement and increase customer loyalty.

Background sync

Background sync is also a remarkable characteristic of Progressive Web App for Magento 2. Accordingly, customers can still fill in the form and submit a check out even without a stable connection.

In easy words, your users do not need to refill once again, and you do not lose any order. Everything is stored and updated automatically when there is a connection. It will ultimately increase the order success rate, resulting in a rise in your sales revenue.


To ensure that your eCommerce website gets a high ranking at Google searches, SEO is crucial.

Progressive Web Application for Magento 2 website generates splashing web load speed, resulting in increased session duration and a decrease in bounce rate. Subsequently, get a higher SEO score.

When To Switch To Magento 2 PWA?

If you are still concerned about when is the right time to upgrade Magento 2 website to Progressive Web App, let’s answer the following questions first!

  • Is it too expensive for you to develop a native app?
  • Are you targeting both web and mobile platforms?
  • Do you aim to be higher ranked at SEO?

Suppose the answer is yes, converting Magento 2 website immediately. It is the exact time. Do not wait any longer.

How To Integrate Magento 2 PWA?

The two most highly preferred solutions to convert a Magento website to a Progressive Web App are using PWA extensions and PWA themes.

Magento PWA Extensions


  • Low cost (almost PWA extensions are free, or if yes, it will be very cheap)
  • Quick and easy installation (you can install it by yourself as all providers have specific instructions)


  • Rare PWA features (add to the home screen, push notification, and offline mode usually does not work)
  • Unchanged interface and web speed

Magento PWA themes


  • Dynamic PWA storefront
  • Equipped full PWA features
  • Further advanced features (up to selected theme)
  • Fast installation


  • High price (approximately $1,500)

Despite the cheap cost, the PWA extension offers very few features of PWA. If you want your Magento 2 website to be a professional and attractive Progressive Web App, the PWA theme is absolutely a wiser choice.

Which PWA Theme Is Best For Magento 2? 

tigren pwa theme

TigrenPWA has been the best-selling Magento Progressive Web App theme since 2019. It comes with five different layouts and provides an easy way to customize styles and colors. It’s optimized for speed, as well as SEO-friendly.

The TigrenPWA theme comes with an attractive design that you can start using straight away. Visit Tigren’s Magento 2 PWA Demo.

Final Words

Magento 2 PWA development brings numerous advantages to Magento stores. Then, it is the precise time to switch from Magento 2 website to Progressive Web Application. Let’s choose your favorite PWA solution and a reliable PWA development company to start right away!